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Autoimmune Diseases PLR Bundle
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Autoimmune Diseases PLR Bundle - eBook, eCover, Articles, Reports from eBook, and Images

Autoimmune diseases are a collection of diseases where your immune system attacks your body. This can lead to a lot of different symptoms, including digestive issues, chronic pain, and general discomfort. 

There are over a dozen autoimmune diseases, from ones you have probably heard of before like crohn's disease and Celiac disease, to some of the lesser known varieties like Sjorgen's disease.

This big PLR bundle allows you to educate your readers on some of the more natural options for managing symptoms related to their autoimmune disease. You will get an eBook, cover, articles, and even the eBook broken up into reports.

What You Get with this PLR Bundle

The Autoimmune Diseases PLR bundle comes with the following content:

  • "Managing Autoimmune Diseases Naturally" ebook (25 pages, 5,822 words)
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    Editable eBook eCover w/PSD file
  • eBook Broken Up Into 4 Reports - Lifestyle Changes, Diet and Nutrition, Pain Management, Healing Herbs
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    10 Articles About Autoimmune Diseases
  • 18 Royalty-Free Images

'Managing Autoimmune Diseases Naturally' - eBook

You will get a 25-page, fully-formatted eBook that is perfect for promoting some of the natural remedies discussed - like herbs, exercise equipment, and many personal care products, as well as give your readers the information they are looking for. 

Managing Autoimmune Diseases Naturally
24 pages, 4 chapters, 5,822 words

Chapter One: Lifestyle Changes for Autoimmune Diseases

Chapter Two: Diet Options for Alleviating Autoimmune Diseases

Chapter Three: Healing Herbs for Autoimmune Diseases

Chapter Four: Pain Management for Autoimmune Diseases

4 Reports - from the eBook

If you would prefer to have each chapter of this eBook as a different opt-in report, I have you covered! I have turned each chapter into its own report, with each of these being either 4 or 5 pages long. (sorry no covers for these)

The 4 Reports Include:

1. Lifestyle Changes for Autoimmune Diseases-Topics
4 pages, 5 sections, 1,360 words

1. Improve Diet and Nutrition
2. Avoid the Sun and Excessive Heat
3. Listen to Your Body
4. Track Your Symptoms and Flare-Ups
5. Find Support Groups

2. Diet Options for Alleviating Autoimmune Diseases
5 pages, 4 sections, 1,476 words

1. Gluten-Free Diet
2. Vegan Diet
3. Low FODMAP Diet
4. Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet

3. Healing Herbs for Autoimmune Disorders
5 pages, 12 sections, 1,368 words

1. Chang Shan 
2. Turmeric 
3. Ginger 
4. Green Tea 
5. White Tea 
6. Hops 
7. Artemisia 
8. Reishi Mushroom 
9. Stinging Nettle 
10. Chinese Thunder God
11. Sarsaparilla 
12. Rehmannia 

4. Pain Management for Autoimmune Diseases
4 pages, 7 sections, 1,174 words

1. Over-the-Counter Medications
2. Diet and Nutrition 
3. Exercise and Fitness 
4. New Habits and Lifestyle Changes 
5. Alternative Treatments 
6. Combining Multiple Resources 
7. Formulating the Right Pain Management Strategy 

10 PLR Articles About Autoimmune Diseases

Articles provide an excellent way to either have blog posts that help to promote your eBook (or reports), or have email follow-ups for those who opt-in to your list with the eBook or reports. You can also mix and match, as these topics work great for both.

1. What to do About Flare-Ups (441 words)
2. General Dietary Guidelines for Autoimmune Disorders (518 words)
3. Tips for Exercising with an Autoimmune Disease (441 words)
4. Common Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders (415 words)
5. What Might Trigger an Autoimmune Disorder? (508 words)
6. Why You Should Avoid Nightshade Vegetables (524 words)
7. Apple Cider Vinegar for Autoimmune Health (588 words)
8. Autoimmune Diet: Include These Vitamins and Minerals (424 words)
9. About Overlapping Diseases and Autoimmune Health (467 words)
10. How to Get Better Sleep While You're in Pain (401 words)

18 Royalty-Free Images

As a bonus, you will get 18 royalty-free, commercial-use images that reflect information in the eBook and articles. 

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.