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21-Day Fix – PLR Bundle
15 Articles
5-Page Report
5 Product Reviews
30 Social Media Posts
15 Images


21-Day Fix PLR Bundle – Lots of PLR Content in One Bundle

One of the HOTTEST trends right now in weight loss, dieting, and fitness is the 21-Day Fix. The good news is that you can promote products as a Beachbody coach or through the tons of products on Amazon used for this diet, including books, cookbooks, portion control containers, fitness equipment, and lots more.

What is Included in the Bundle

15 PLR Articles (or Blog Posts)
5-Page Report w/cover
5 Product Reviews
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts
15 Images

Here is a Peek Inside:

15 PLR Articles About the 21-Day Fix

1. What is the 21-day Fix? (404 words)
2. Why You Should Try the 21-Day Fix (409 words)
3. What You Need to Start the 21-Day Fix (410 words)
4. Tips For Starting the 21-Day Fix Workout Program (396 words)
5. The 21-Day Fix Diet (425 words)
6. What Is Included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program? (411 words)
7. Coping with Double Work Out Days (458 words)
8. Meal Prep For the 21-Day Fix Diet Plan (417 words)
9. Guide to Freezing Your Food Ahead of Time (418 words)
10. How to Lower Your Grocery Bill (422 words)
11. Simple Grocery List For the 21-Day Fix Diet (572 words)
12. Wake Up to These 21-Day Fix Breakfasts (413 words)
13. Try These 21-Day Fix Snacks and Desserts (405 words)
14. Quick and Easy 21-Day Fix Lunches (440 words)
15. Healthy and Filling 21-Day Fix Dinners (473 words)

PLR Report: Guide to Starting the 21-Day Fix

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,971 words

What Additional Products Will Make 21 Day Fix Easier?
Tips for Beginners Starting the 21 Day Fix Workouts
4 Ways to Stay Accountable for Your 21 Day Fix Workout
5 Foods You Can Always Find for 21 Day Fix

5 Related PLR Product Reviews (All available on Amazon)

1. Official Beachbody 21-Day Fix Base Kit Workout Program (506 words)
2. Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit and Planner (409 words)
3. Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese (417 words)
4. Official 21-Day Fix Portion Control Containers Kit (413 words)
5. 21-Day Fix Extreme Ultimate Package (454 words)

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

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1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.



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