101 Affirmations PLR Pack


101 Affirmations PLR Pack
Affirmations in 10 Categories
Word and Text Format

101 Positive Affirmations PLR - Get 101 Affirmations in Categories Like Success, Love, Health, and More

Affirmations are one of the tools that people are often using without realizing it. They are short, powerful phrases that can provide positivity, strength, courage, and self-confidence to those who use them.

People are often telling themselves one thing or another, repeating what they believe to be "truths". These are often negative emotions that they have convinced themselves to be true out of fear and doubt. 

With positive affirmations like those included in this PLR package, your audience can learn how to reframe their thoughts and find their own power to live the best life they can.

101 Positive Affirmations

Get 101 affirmations that help your audience tap into their subconscious and start living their dream life. 

These affirmations come in 10 main categories, including:

Money and Wealth
Stress and Anxiety
Positive Mindset

Format: The affirmations are delivered in Microsoft Word and Text formats.

What Are Affirmations?

A positive affirmation is a short phrase that offers positivity, encouragement, and uplifting energy. They can invoke positive emotions, help you overcome fears, and allow you to feel stronger and more confident. 

Affirmations do two powerful things: they encourage a positive mindset and help you reframe your thoughts, and they challenge negative thoughts, fears, and worries. Together, they can be very powerful in helping you to believe in yourself and live your best life.

With These Affirmations, You Can:

Include them in a blog post about positive mindsets.
Offer them as a free opt-in bonus.
Include them in a journal or planner.
Sell them as a package with other related content.

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101 Affirmations PLR Pack