One of the most common questions I get about PLR or prewritten content is if it needs to be edited, and how much.

While this is subjective and really depends on how you’re using it and what style of writing you’re going for, I have put together a few simple guidelines to figure out how best to customize it.

Why Does PLR Need to Be Customized?

First of all, let’s go over some basics of PLR, what it is, and why you would need to customize it in the first place.

PLR stands for private label rights, which is a type of content that is prewritten for you. You buy the “license” to the content, which allows you to use it for your own business or personal use, within the rights of who sold it to you.

The reason you would need to edit or customize it is because multiple people purchase the same content. Not only do you want your own version of this content to stand out and be unique, but so do search engines if you want to get ranked with this content on your site.

Tip #1: Looking at the Type of Content You Are Using

The type of PLR content you are using can make a difference in how much you need to customize it, as well as your own personal preferences.

Articles – If you are going to use articles as blog posts, then you definitely want to take some time editing the content. At a bare minimum, change the titles of the blog posts, rewrite the intro, and write new subheadings. Aside from that, it is going to depend on how unique you want the content to be.

Lead magnets – Lead magnets and reports are most often used to give away or sell to your list, so as far as just customizing to be unique, you might not need to do as much. But creating a unique cover, adding your own images and graphics, and re-formatting it are recommended.

Emails/autoresponders – For emails, it is also depends more on how you intend to use them. Publishing them as short blog posts on your site or combining into one long blog post require a little more editing of the actual content than if you were using it as an autoresponder series for your list.

However, like every other email, you definitely want to put your own spin on it and make sure it is written in your own voice.

Tip #2: Are You Using Content As-is or Combining?

If you want to do the least amount of customizing possible with your PLR content, I highly recommend combining different pieces of content into one.

This will automatically make it more unique for you, as you are likely going to add and remove sections, move things around, add your own images, and really just make it your own. It is less actual editing or rewriting of content, and more just moving things around to fit your topic best.

Tip #3: Use Your PLR as Fast as You Can

How new your PLR content is can also make a big difference in how much customizing is required. If you like the tone and voice of your PLR, you might not need to tweak much in order for it to match the voice of your blog.

In this case, the sooner you get it published, the better off you will be. If you can be one of the first people to publish this content, then you won’t have to tweak as much as others using that same content after you.

Think about your end goal, what content you are using and what it is being used for in your business, and your personal preferences when thinking about how much to edit your content.

When you buy high-quality PLR, a lot of the hard work is done for you – it is your job to customize it to fit your audience, but how much you do that is entirely up to you.