PLR Deals

Looking for the latest PLR deals? Want some free bonuses? The following list includes a combination of recent health PLR deals and PLR packages that include some of my BEST bonuses. 

Please Note: If the bonuses say Exclusive, it means the ONLY way to get the PLR content is by using my link for that corresponding PLR package. These are very limited! 

Triple Threat Stress PLR - Store Credit Bonus + More

This new Stress PLR by Tiffany Lambert not only includes some of the highest quality PLR around, but you will also get to choose from my bonuses. 

Buy the main PLR product here and you will get a $25 store credit from Health & Wellness PLR. Buy the first upgrade to get the $50 store credit, and you will get my VIP Membership for FREE if you buy her second upsell, which is her own lifetime membership. 

To get the store credit bonuses, forward your receipts to jenn at healthandwellnessplr dot com and I will send the credit over.

Free Content - Minimize to Maximize Course

Alice from PublishforProsperity has a brand new Minimize to Maximize Course that will show you how you can maximize your profits. She is currently offering you a FREE excerpt from the course, so that you can get a little bonus content and find out what the course is about before buying it.

Click Here to get this free sample and find out more about the course.

Healthy Mindset PLR - Free Bonus Offer

This is one of my newest health PLR bundles about self-improvement and creating a healthy mindset. You can choose to buy it from the store directly or get it for free when you buy JR Lang's newest Self-Improvement 101 PLR Package.

Get it as a FREE Bonus with the Self-Improvement 101 PLR Package from JR Lang.

Buy it Directly from the Health & Wellness PLR store here.

12-Month Diet Rotation - 6 Exclusive Bonus Reports

Get up to 6 exclusive PLR reports I wrote specifically for this PLR deal. Tiffany Lambert is one of the absolute best writers in the business, and she wrote a prewritten package called the 12-Month Diet Rotation. This gives you enough diet and weight loss content for an entire year for your blog and list.

Exclusive Bonus Info:

Buy the main PLR product and get 3 exclusive PLR reports I wrote just for you. They include:

1. Autoimmune Protocol Diet
2. Specific Carbohydrate Diet
3. Macro Diet

Buy the Upgrade/OTO and get another 3 exclusive PLR reports, including:

1. Journaling for Weight Loss
2. Running for Weight Loss
3. Juice & Smoothies for Weight Loss

View More Details on the Bonus Page I created, including what you get with each report. 

Or Go Directly to the 12-Month Diet Rotation PLR package here.

Diabetes & Blood Sugar - Exclusive Keto PLR Report

This is a high-quality PLR package released by Susie & Geoff O'Dea from Master PLR, who provide excellent health prewritten content. I wrote an exclusive (only available if you use my link for this product) report called Keto for Diabetes. This report is all about managing diabetes by using the Ketogenic Diet.

Exclusive Bonus Report Details:

Keto for Diabetes
5 pages, 4 sections, 1,989 words

1. Why the Keto Diet?
2. Understanding the High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet
3. Tips for Starting the Keto Diet
4. Keto Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Use My Link Here to Get this Free Report with the Diabetes & Blood Sugar PLR Package.

Massage & Bodywork PLR - 15 Exclusive Autoresponders

This is one of JR Lang's PLR packages, which as you know always include 300+ pieces in just the main product alone. You are spending less than $30 for a MASSIVE amount of content. Not only that, if you use my link, you get my exclusive PLR content as well.

For this one, I have put together 15 autoresponders that were written for the 15 articles she has in the front end product. This gives you an automatic follow-up series if you use the articles as blog posts.

Exclusive Massage & Bodywork Autoresponders:

1. Why Couples Should Get Massages Together (257 words)
For Article: 10 Fantastic Benefits Of Massage For Men and Women

2. Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage (256 words)
For Article: Ayurvedic Massage To Slow Aging And Increase Mental Awareness

3. Tips For Giving Yourself a Craniosacral Massage (251 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Craniosacral Therapy Massage

4. Types of Stones For a Hot Stone Massage (263 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Hot Stone Massage

5. What You Might Not Know About Swedish Massages (243 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Swedish Massage

I couldn't fit all of them here, but you will get 15 total autoresponders as a bonus. Click here for the Massage & Bodywork PLR and my free bonus.

Plant-Based PLR - 10 Exclusive Articles

This is one of my favorite plant-based PLR packages, and was written by Kate Reiger. You can get her big PLR package about the Big Four Plant-Based Diets, along with 10 exclusive plant-based articles I wrote specifically for this prewritten content package. 

10 Exclusive Article Topics:

1. Why Every New Vegan Should Eat Jackfruit (424 words)
2. 5 Power Bowls to Add to Your Diet (532 words)
3. 3 Ways For Dealing With Cravings on a Vegan Diet (423 words)
4. Meal Planning Tips For New Vegans (458 words)
5. How to Save Money On a Plant-Based Diet (428 words)
6. 3 Protein Rich Overnight Oat Recipes (435 words)
7. 4 Vegetarian Family Friendly Freezer Dinners (575 words)
8. Starting Your Toddler On a Raw Plant-Based Diet (530 words)
9. Grab and Go Porteins For Vegetarians and Vegans (457 words)
10. Sources of Iron For a Plant-based Diet (462 words)

>> Get These 10 Exclusive Articles as a Free Bonus by Clicking Here.