New Law of Attraction PLR + My Bonus

Hello Friends!

Surprise! JR Lang and I accidentally chose the same exact topic at the same exact time (mine is here). Oh, universe, what are you doing. 

I’ll be honest.. when I first heard about her launch being the day before mine, I freaked out. We sent our affiliate emails on the same day too – mine in the morning, hers in the evening. It was crazy. 

I thought about canceling or moving my launch, but after talking to a few friends, I decided to keep mine. I made a commitment and I have a schedule to keep. It wasn’t my fault (or hers) that we just happened to choose the same awesome topic at the same time. That’s just life. You don’t let it derail you – you just move forward.

I also decided to look at it from the perspective of someone who was actually following the law of attraction. They wouldn’t curse the universe for the bad timing, but instead would look at the bright side and find a way that it could actually be a good thing, and have faith that the universe knows what it’s doing.

This is what I came up with – since I have been researching and writing about the law of attraction for the past several weeks, I know exactly what people are searching for when they have questions about manifesting. Which means I can put together a kickass FAQ for your readers about the law of attraction, and give it to you as a bonus for JR Lang’s new Law of Attraction bundle.

Which is exactly what I did. 

JR Lang’s Law of Attraction Bundle is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

She has so much content in this bundle that you definitely don’t want to miss. Here is a look at what you will get, in addition to my bonus:

eBook: Manifestation: Master the Law of Attraction and the Art of Achieving Your Greatest Desires
103 Extra Sales Graphics
7 Day Email Series
Meditation Visualization Exercise: Manifesting Your Dreams And Desires
Report: The Power Of Decision: Commit To Yourself To Manifest Your Desires
Report: 30 Ways To Support Yourself When Chasing Your Dreams and Desires
31 New Articles
3 Editable Infographics
30 Editable Viral Images: Making Your Dreams Come True Inspiration
Editable Collage: Making Your Dreams Come True Inspiration
2 Editable HD Videos with Professional Voiceovers and Graphics
40 Inspirational Quotes – Making Your Dreams Come True
40 Tips/Tweets/Social Media Updates: Manifesting Your Desires
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Get This Exclusive Bonus – 20 Law of Attraction FAQs

For your bonus, I have put together a list of 20 frequently asked questions about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. These were questions that popped up several times when doing my own research, so trust me, your audience is wondering the same thing. 

Think about it – when you Google something, you almost always type in a question. Most people won’t just type in a keyword like “manifesting desires”. They will type in a question like “how do I manifest _____?” I used this knowledge to write an FAQ of all the most commonly asked questions that I came across when writing my own bundle on this topic. 

The FAQs are in one document, which is 8 pages long and 2,879 words. It is in report format, with an intro, followed by the 10 questions and answers. 

The 20 questions include:

1. What is mirror work?
2. What is a manifesting box?
3. What if people try to manifest something negative? 
4. How do you control your negative feelings? 
5. How do you focus on the law of attraction when you’re having a bad day?
6. Can you use the law of attraction to lose weight?
7. How long does it take to manifest?
8. Why is letting go so important?
9. Can the law of attraction help with anxiety?
10. What is a flow state?
11. Can you manifest a specific person?
12. How to deal with negative people who lower your vibration?
13. What are some signs that manifesting is close?
14. What does it mean when you allow something to happen?
15. How do you live ‘as if’?
16. What is a spiritual awakening and how does it happen?
17. Is there proof of the law of attraction?
18. Do people cause their own accidents, illnesses, and other bad things?
19. Why is self-love important in the law of attraction?
20. What is the best manifestation technique? 

This is an exclusive bonus, which means you will only get access to this content if you buy JR Lang’s new bundle with my link. No exceptions. All-Access/Lifetime members do not have access to the content for free – you only get it as a bonus with JR’s new LOA bundle.

You have 3 options for using these FAQs:

1. Leave them in the report I compiled for you. This gives you a really awesome resource to share with your audience.

2. Split them up into blog posts. You can either use each one as a separate blog post in order to rank higher for this keyword and add more to it with other content, or you can put a few together into each blog posts. It still gives you a lot to work with.

3. Create an informative email series. Use one of the lead magnets you get from JR or me as your opt-in report, then add this email series for all your new subscribers. 

I hope you enjoy your new LOA content!