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I wanted to let you know about some new health PLR that was added to the store this week. I have been busy adding PLR regularly, including one big bundle and 2 packs each week, including a free PLR (coming on Sunday, 12/18). This has been great for the store because it lets me provide a variety of new topics every few days with small and larger PLR packs, the big bundles, reports, and of course some free PLR as my gift to you.

This past week, I released the following PLR packs and bundles:

Men’s Health PLR Pack

This is an 8-pack of PLR articles all about improving men’s health. It covers regular diet and fitness tips, encourages men to try yoga, talks about herbs and supplements,¬†and even goes over the benefits of Saw Palmetto.

Click here to see the list of topics in the Men’s Health PLR pack.

21-Day Fix PLR Bundle

The big PLR bundle this week was all about the 21-Day Fix. As always, it includes 15 articles, a 5-page report w/report cover, 15 images, 15 Tweets, and 15 Facebook posts. This bundle is the same price as the rest, but also included a bonus 5 product reviews for Amazon products. I am not going to include everything in the bundle, but here is a look at the articles included:

1. What is the 21-day Fix? (404 words)
2. Why You Should Try the 21-Day Fix (409 words)
3. What You Need to Start the 21-Day Fix (410 words)
4. Tips For Starting the 21-Day Fix Workout Program (396 words)
5. The 21-Day Fix Diet (425 words)
6. What Is Included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program? (411 words)
7. Coping with Double Work Out Days (458 words)
8. Meal Prep For the 21-Day Fix Diet Plan (417 words)
9. Guide to Freezing Your Food Ahead of Time (418 words)
10. How to Lower Your Grocery Bill (422 words)
11. Simple Grocery List For the 21-Day Fix Diet (572 words)
12. Wake Up to These 21-Day Fix Breakfasts (413 words)
13. Try These 21-Day Fix Snacks and Desserts (405 words)
14. Quick and Easy 21-Day Fix Lunches (440 words)
15. Healthy and Filling 21-Day Fix Dinners (473 words)

Get all of these articles, plus a PLR report, images, reviews, and social media posts by clicking here.

Leaky Gut PLR Pack

Gut health is a topic in health that always seems to be trending. I was browsing Pinterest this week and noticed that it was the TOP trending topic on multiple days. This is major news for marketers. If you like to promote health products, I highly recommend covering gut health. This is why I came up with a small 5-pack of articles all about Leaky Gut. Here is a look at what the pack offers:

1. What is Leaky Gut? (430 words)
2. Easy Ways to Improve Gut Health (437 words)
3. Top Supplements For Leaky Gut (439 words)
4. Signs You Have Leaky Gut (489 words)
5. Healthy Foods For Leaky Gut (431 words)

Get the Leaky Gut PLR pack for just $5.

Honey For Health PLR Pack

This PLR pack is perfect for those of you in the natural or holistic health niche. It includes 10 PLR articles that cover the health benefits of raw honey, and also mention bee pollen and its benefits. The PLR articles can be used as blog posts, put into a report or eBook, or used to send as individual emails in a series for your list. Plus, there is a lot you can promote at Amazon and other retailers just with this pack.

Check out the topics included in the Honey For Health PLR Pack by clicking here.

Anti-Aging Outlines

Last on the lsit for this week is a small (and cheap!) set of PLR outlines. These are great because you save money on them and are given all the titles and sections of each article. You simply need to fill in the blanks. I also provide a little info under each header section in the outlines so you know what to write about in that section.

You can get the 10 Anti-Aging Outlines for just $3.

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