My 3 Tips for Changing [PLR] Article Titles

When you buy prewritten content, such as what I offer here at Health & Wellness PLR, it is recommended that you do some editing or customization of the content so that it is unique for your blog or list.

One of the main things I recommend is changing the article titles – at the very least. Here are my personal tips for changing the titles.

Please Note – I am using my limited PLR pack Coffee for Health as an example for the following tips.

  1. Convert a ‘Benefit’ Into a ‘Why’

This is a super easy way to change a title very slightly when you’re in a hurry. The good news is, this works both ways! If the original title talks about the ‘benefits’ of something, just re-word so that it talks about ‘why’ they need it. Here is an example:

In this pack I have an article titled ‘Health Benefits of Coffee’. You can easily just re-word it to‘# Reasons to Drink More Coffee’.

You can do it the other way around too. With the ‘Why You Should Drink Mushroom Coffee’, try ‘Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee’.

  1. Add More Details to a Short Title

Sometimes I will keep an article title super short and basic because I know you will be rewriting it anyway. All you need to do is keep the short title, then add a few more details after it.

Here are a couple examples from this pack:

Coffee VS Tea – Coffee VS Tea: Should You Make the Switch from Coffee to Tea?
Facts About Caffeine – # Facts About Caffeine and Why it Matters

  1. Ask a Question

Another option is to rephrase the title as a question when it is written as a statement. When you turn it into a question, it suddenly becomes easy to change the original wording. For example:

I have an article called ‘Dairy-Free Options for Your Coffee’. If it were phrased as a question, it might look like:

‘How Can You Make Your Favorite Coffee Drink Without Dairy?’

or ‘Allergic to Dairy? Try These Coffee Drink Alternatives’You can of course switch up the titles to work for you, such as mentioning plant-based or vegan diets that might not want to use dairy.

Bonus Tip: Keep your readers guessing. If this is your style, you can definitely phrase the title as a question, where they can only find the answer if they click on your blog post. This might be a bit “clickbaity”, but they always get me 😛