Life Organization PLR With My Exclusive Bonus

Buy April's Life Organizational PLR Package and Get My Exclusive Bonus Articles for FREE

If you are looking for high quality, prewritten content about organizing your life, I have the bundle for you!

April from Niche Starter Packs has just released a new PLR package about Life Organizational Hacks, offering tons of tips and resources for people who want to get back on track and reduce stress in their life.

Plus, I am offering an exclusive bonus with even more PLR content for you.

First, let me show you what April has for you…

Included in the Bundle:

5 Articles - 600+ words each
5 Intro Emails - Every single blog post comes with an intro email.
26-Page Report, "Life Organization Hacks" (Blog Posts Combined)
Canva eCover Template
Bonus Royalty Free Images
Long Tail Keywords - Researched keywords related to life organization hacks
Social Media Posts - 10 per post (5 Posts for Instagram or Facebook & 5 Tweets)

Exclusive Bonus - 10 PLR Emails/Articles

I wanted to write a bonus that would be valuable for people right now. All 10 emails are written both about organizing your life and starting to get ready to get back to work or for people who are leaving quarantine for the first time in a while.

With so many places staring to open up now, people might have a big shock to their system and routine when they realize everything about their schedule is changing abruptly once again.

This email series is about slowly and gradually changing routines, making lists, and figuring out how to develop new schedules once again. You can also make small tweaks to the content to use them for blog posts not just for people going back out into the world after quarantine, but after any life-changing event.

The bonus includes the following topics:

1. Preparing and Planning to Go Back to Work (339 words)
2. How to Gradually Adjust Your Sleeping Schedule (348 words)
3. Easy Ways to Maintain Social Distancing Guidelines (309 words)
4. Simple Changes to Your Physical and Emotional Health (261 words)
5. Setting Up New Daily Routines (362 words)
6. Lists to Help Organize Your Life (428 words)
7. Why Time Blocking is Key to Adjusting to a Different Schedule (357 words)
8. How Journaling Helps with the Adjustment Period (281 words)
9. Budgeting Tips as You Move Forward (326 words)
10. Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Planning Tips (335 words)

Again, it is exclusive, which means you can only get it if you buy April's Life Organizational Hacks bundle with my link. It is not available to my All-Access members.

How to Get Your Bonus

The bonus is attached to the product in the Niche Starter Packs store. You can log in to your account there and find the bonus in the Dashboard. Let me know if you have trouble locating it!

Ways to Use the Bonus Content

While I wrote these in email/autoresponder form, you can definitely use them for other purposes. Here are a few ideas:

Create a Blog Post Series – You can use the content in my bonus PLR package to create a series for your blog. Either keep the 10 topics separate as they are or combine them to have 5-7 days of blog posts.

Put Them Into a Free Report – Another great way to use the content is by putting them together into a report. You can create a lead magnet that you give away to new sign-ups for your list, or a content upgrade.

Combine Them with Related Content – If you have any related content to life organization or getting back to life and work after a major event, it would allow you to have a longer lead magnet or even an eBook or course on the topic.

Don’t forget the ONLY way to get these bonus articles is by purchasing the Life Organization PLR Package with my link.