Is PLR a Fancy Word For Plagiarism?


Are you confused about the link between Private Label Rights (PLR) and using plagiarised content? If so, you’re not alone! There is a common misconception that when you use PLR for your own blog, website, email, or other purposes, it is “copied” content. However, that is only true if you use it incorrectly.

Understanding How to Use PLR

PLR is not meant to be content you buy, then publish right away without making any changes. It is a stepping stone to having unique, high-quality content that is customized according to your needs. Think of PLR like an outline with all of the research done for you. Now you take that content and re-work it, customize it, re-format it, and move all of the pieces around until they work best for you.

I have mentioned before how to properly customize your content, so that is a really good start. In that blog post, I mention using Copyscape or a similar program that will look for content that is already published. This program will run your content through an online database and find out if any of the content is too similar to something already published. If it is, then you know you need to work on it some more until it is unique.

When PLR Can Be Considered Plagiarism

Someone who is new to using content with rights they purchase, such as is the case with PLR, might confuse what the purpose is. They assume they are buying content that is ready to go. While in a sense, you could technically publish it as-is, you are taking a big risk that your site will get dinged for using duplicate content. That is the wrong way to use it.

This is why I recommend starting with basic editing of your PLR content, then running it through Copyscape. This lets you see exactly how much more needs to be changed to be unique, then you add in your customization. If anything comes up on Copyscape or another plagiarism program, then it could be considered plagiarism.

Not adding your own spin in order to customize the content is another big mistake that is made with PLR. Plagiarism, by definition, is using someone else’s work and passing it off on your own. I want you to use PLR you buy from me as a way to add valuable content, but in a way where it helps you succeed. Try to add some of your own voice when you are customizing it.

How to Use it the Right Way

Here are some tips for making sure you are using your PLR content correctly and getting good use out of it, without getting a plagiarism flag on your website or blog.

  • Always run the content through a plagiarism checker multiple times until it comes up as 100% unique
  • Edit the content so that you are changing words, phrases, complete sections, and subheadings
  • Always make sure the intro and conclusion is completely re-written
  • Customize your PLR content to fit your needs, as this is a great way to make it more unique

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this topic!