When I started Health & Wellness PLR, I originally wrote only articles. This was when most of my products had just 5 or 10 articles in each pack, and long before I discovered the benefits of reports, eBooks, and journal prompts.

I have been writing my articles on the shorter side since the very beginning, and continue to do so today. I find them to be the most versatile, and give you a lot more options for how to use them.

Here are some of the top reasons why short PLR articles can be a great option, and the many ways you can use them.

1. Shorter Articles Leave More Room for Customization

While the amount of editing you do with your PLR content is completely up to you, some customization is ideal. Prewritten content can provide a lot of value to your readers, but you do want the tone and style of writing to flow with the rest of the content on your blog, site, or in your emails.

With customization, there are a lot of ways to go, but I always recommend at least rewriting the intro, changing the subheadings, and tweaking some content in each section of the article to sound more like you. 

This is where the benefit of shorter articles comes in. Instead of feeling like you are doing a lot of rewriting the content to make it yours, you can instead just add a little more content to each section, and suddenly it’s unique.

2. They Are Easy to Put Into Reports or eBooks

If you like to use your PLR content for opt-ins, lead magnets, or eBooks to sell on your blog, shorter articles make it really easy to put them together and make it original.

This depends on your preferences, but I think articles that are about 400-500 words (roughly 1 page), are perfect for each section of a report or eBook. 

Say for example you know you want to sell an eBook that is at least 15 pages long. With shorter articles, it is easy to figure out that about 12-15 articles are going to create those 15 pages for you of written content. With 10 articles, you could also make it work just by adding a bit more customization and some images.

3. You Can Combine Multiple Articles for Longer Blog Posts

My favorite thing about shorter articles is that they make it easy to control how long your blog posts are. If you don’t want to use each one as an individual blog post, you can easily combine 2-3 or more together into one long, informative blog post.

This is also going to set you apart from other people using the same content, since you will likely come up with a different combination of articles to put into one blog post topic.

4. They Are Ideal for Emails

Another great benefit of shorter PLR articles is that you can use them for emails. My articles are about 400-450 words on average, which is the perfect length for more informative emails you send out. Since many articles in a pack go together, it also makes it easy for you to create an email series about one topic.

5. Not Everyone Wants a Long Blog Post

Simply put, some topics are better with a shorter blog post, and others need a little more content to get the point across. Either way, when you use shorter articles, it gives you the freedom to choose how long your blog posts end up being, and customize it according to your own style along the way.

I hope that helped you see why this length of PLR articles can be a great option for all your projects!