How to Promote and Earn Commissions with Anti-Aging Content

As I was finishing up the Healthy Aging report, I noticed that each section in the report had its own micro-niche that you could easily use for your promotions. So, I wanted to show you some different ways you can use this report (or content like it) to get more commissions and more traffic to your blog.

Talk About Infused Water

This is a big one since not only does everyone need to drink more water, but many people struggle with it. It is hard to find any type of anti-aging content that doesn’t mention the importance of drinking more water. This is the perfect opportunity to promote infused water bottles you find on Amazon, and add a few blog posts or emails talking about how to make it.

I even have a free ‘Ways to Drink More Water’ report in the store.

Educate Your List on Environmental Concerns

The Healthy Aging report I just added to the store talks about environmental concerns that might lead to aging prematurely, and the importance of looking for more natural options.

This is not only in skin care and diet, but with things like housecleaning supplies as well. If you think your list is burnt out on talking about skin care products to help with their anti-aging concerns, why not promote natural ingredients or natural products for the home?

Think about products like:

Premade all-natural products
Spray bottles (for making their own)
Baking soda
Essential oils

Look up recipes of DIY home cleaning products, check the ingredients, and see if you fit those affiliate links into your posts.

Promote Sleeping Products

Another big tip for people who come to your blog looking for healthy aging or anti-aging tips is to get better sleep. This is when you can promote things to help with their sleep, such as supplements, pillows, weighted blankets, and essential oil diffusers for their bedrooms. There are TONS of products that work great for promoting better sleep.

There are my 3 tips. I wanted to give you some ideas aside from the typical “watch what you eat” and “use these natural skincare products” This is a great start, but there is so much more to it.