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New Bonus Offer! What's different about this bonus is that you have TWO products to choose from - Buy either of these products with my link, and you will get the following bonus.

1. Coach Glue's Turn Your Passion Into a Service Video Script and Workbook

2. JR Lang's Power of Your Thoughts

What You Get in This Bonus

This is a personal development bonus, where you get 6 of my most popular self-help PLR products in one bundle. They include:

  • Journaling Habits
  • Mindfulness for Productivity
  • Positive Thinking Challenge
  • Morning Person
  • Perfectionism
  • Get Unstuck

Journaling Habits

Journaling continues to be a hot and trending topic - and for good reason. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere. People who journal do so to find more clarity, express their emotions, find triggers for mental or physical health conditions, and practice mindfulness.

If you have a health blog or list, you can bet your readers are either interesting in starting journaling, or trying to find motivation to do it daily. That is exactly what this PLR report provides them.

The 7-page report goes over ways to get started and stick to a daily journaling routine. It is a high-quality report you can use as an opt-in, free content upgrade, or broken up into blog posts or emails.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Page Report
Editable eCover
10 Images

Mindfulness for Productivity

Mindfulness is the practice of being more present and mindful, focusing on acceptance, forgiveness, and letting the past stay in the past. There are many reasons to practice mindfulness, from reducing stress and anxiety, to helping with better clarity and focus. It is also great for improving your productivity.

This PLR bundle provides you with 20 high-quality articles written about mindfulness for productivity. You can use them as individual blog posts and emails, or use some as blog posts, and some as a lead magnet for your list. 

Included in this Bundle:

20 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
20 Royalty-Free Images
20 Social Media Posts

Positive Thinking Challenge

This brand new PLR bundle is all about positive thinking! You will get a 7-day email challenge (with 2 bonus emails) all about Positive Thinking, along with 7 articles that work perfectly as blog posts for each day of the challenge.

Each day of the challenge offers a different assignment for your followers to adapt more positive thinking. They will learn about gratitude, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, using a journal, and so much more.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Day Email Challenge (9 emails total)
7 Articles
List of Affirmations
10 Images

Morning Person

One of the biggest trends right now is personal development, and within that niche, waking up early is what everyone is talking about.

Jump on the bandwagon and join the conversation by providing your readers with quality, helpful content all about becoming a morning person. 

This is something everyone can benefit from, and you will get all the content you need to get started on the topic. I have included an opt-in report and cover, articles, product reviews, even graphics and images. 

Don't miss your chance to not only join in the conversation about waking up earlier and becoming a happier, more productive person, but becoming an authority on the topic.

Included in This Bundle:

7-Page Report & Cover
10 Articles
5 Product Reviews
10 Quote Posters


Perfectionism may seem like an amazing quality to have, but it can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. This is a personality trait that often leads to severe stress, frustration, and impacts your mental health.

With a health blog, you want to engage your readers and give them valuable information -- which you can do with this new PLR pack. It is all about perfectionism and how it can be overcome with small, daily changes.

Not only do you get 7 high-quality articles about perfectionism, but I have also put those articles into a report for you, giving you multiple options for using this content.

Included in this Bundle:

7 PLR Articles
450+ Words Each
Articles Converted Into a Report

Get Unstuck

Feeling unstuck in your life and losing your creative spark often go hand-in-hand. This PLR pack tackles both at the same time, by helping your readers gain more clarity, find their missing creative spark, and figure out why they feel so stuck.

You will get 10 high-quality articles about getting unstuck, as well as images that can be used for your content or creating graphics.

Included in this Bundle:

10 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
10 Images

PLR Tips: How Much Do You Need to Customize Your PLR? Mon, 09 Nov 2020 16:06:08 +0000

One of the most common questions I get about PLR or prewritten content is if it needs to be edited, and how much.

While this is subjective and really depends on how you’re using it and what style of writing you’re going for, I have put together a few simple guidelines to figure out how best to customize it.

Why Does PLR Need to Be Customized?

First of all, let’s go over some basics of PLR, what it is, and why you would need to customize it in the first place.

PLR stands for private label rights, which is a type of content that is prewritten for you. You buy the “license” to the content, which allows you to use it for your own business or personal use, within the rights of who sold it to you.

The reason you would need to edit or customize it is because multiple people purchase the same content. Not only do you want your own version of this content to stand out and be unique, but so do search engines if you want to get ranked with this content on your site.

Tip #1: Looking at the Type of Content You Are Using

The type of PLR content you are using can make a difference in how much you need to customize it, as well as your own personal preferences.

Articles – If you are going to use articles as blog posts, then you definitely want to take some time editing the content. At a bare minimum, change the titles of the blog posts, rewrite the intro, and write new subheadings. Aside from that, it is going to depend on how unique you want the content to be.

Lead magnets – Lead magnets and reports are most often used to give away or sell to your list, so as far as just customizing to be unique, you might not need to do as much. But creating a unique cover, adding your own images and graphics, and re-formatting it are recommended.

Emails/autoresponders – For emails, it is also depends more on how you intend to use them. Publishing them as short blog posts on your site or combining into one long blog post require a little more editing of the actual content than if you were using it as an autoresponder series for your list.

However, like every other email, you definitely want to put your own spin on it and make sure it is written in your own voice.

Tip #2: Are You Using Content As-is or Combining?

If you want to do the least amount of customizing possible with your PLR content, I highly recommend combining different pieces of content into one.

This will automatically make it more unique for you, as you are likely going to add and remove sections, move things around, add your own images, and really just make it your own. It is less actual editing or rewriting of content, and more just moving things around to fit your topic best.

Tip #3: Use Your PLR as Fast as You Can

How new your PLR content is can also make a big difference in how much customizing is required. If you like the tone and voice of your PLR, you might not need to tweak much in order for it to match the voice of your blog.

In this case, the sooner you get it published, the better off you will be. If you can be one of the first people to publish this content, then you won’t have to tweak as much as others using that same content after you.

Think about your end goal, what content you are using and what it is being used for in your business, and your personal preferences when thinking about how much to edit your content.

When you buy high-quality PLR, a lot of the hard work is done for you – it is your job to customize it to fit your audience, but how much you do that is entirely up to you.

Bonus PLR Offer: Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes Tue, 13 Oct 2020 14:25:22 +0000

Buy JR Lang's new Heart Disease and Diabetes PLR Special and get 7 health and wellness PLR products from my store PLUS a Gift Card for Even More Content

Protecting Yourself from Heart Disease and Diabetes

The new PLR special from JR Lang is all about protecting yourself from life-threatening diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. It comes with a lot of high-quality content you don't want to miss.

Included in the Bundle:

Report: Type 2 Diabetes Awareness, Prevention And Management
Report: Heart Disease 101: Everything You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From The #1 Killer
7 Day Email Series: Protect Yourself From Life Threatening Diseases
Type 2 Diabetes: 80 Key Terms Defined (22 Pages/3,062 Words)
28 New Articles
2 Editable Checklists
2 Checklist Graphics
3 Editable Infographics
Editable Viral Images: Type 2 Diabetes Tips
Editable Viral Images: Healthy Heart Tips
Editable Collage: Healthy Heart Tips
Editable Collage: Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Tips
2 Editable HD Videos
Heart Disease Prevention: What You Can Do (Powerpoint)
Lifestyle Choices For Prevention And Management Of Type 2 Diabetes (Powerpoint)

What You Get in Your Bonus

When you use my link to buy the Heart Disease and Diabetes PLR special, you will not only get 7 products from my Health and Wellness PLR store for FREE ($170 value), but you also get a $50 gift card to use in my store.

The products included in the bonus are:

Heart Disease ($17)
Cardiovascular Health ($25)
Diabetes in Women ($25)
Walking Challenge ($39)
Nutrition ($20)
Women's Health ($37)
Healthy Aging ($7)

Take a Look at What This Includes...

Don't forget about the gift cards! 

Buy the main offer from JR Lang, and you will get a $37 gift card for in your bonus.

Buy the first upsell from JR Lang, and you will get a $47 gift card (in addition to your front end bonuses) for

How to Use Short PLR Articles on Your Blog Fri, 09 Oct 2020 15:03:14 +0000

When I started Health & Wellness PLR, I originally wrote only articles. This was when most of my products had just 5 or 10 articles in each pack, and long before I discovered the benefits of reports, eBooks, and journal prompts.

I have been writing my articles on the shorter side since the very beginning, and continue to do so today. I find them to be the most versatile, and give you a lot more options for how to use them.

Here are some of the top reasons why short PLR articles can be a great option, and the many ways you can use them.

1. Shorter Articles Leave More Room for Customization

While the amount of editing you do with your PLR content is completely up to you, some customization is ideal. Prewritten content can provide a lot of value to your readers, but you do want the tone and style of writing to flow with the rest of the content on your blog, site, or in your emails.

With customization, there are a lot of ways to go, but I always recommend at least rewriting the intro, changing the subheadings, and tweaking some content in each section of the article to sound more like you. 

This is where the benefit of shorter articles comes in. Instead of feeling like you are doing a lot of rewriting the content to make it yours, you can instead just add a little more content to each section, and suddenly it’s unique.

2. They Are Easy to Put Into Reports or eBooks

If you like to use your PLR content for opt-ins, lead magnets, or eBooks to sell on your blog, shorter articles make it really easy to put them together and make it original.

This depends on your preferences, but I think articles that are about 400-500 words (roughly 1 page), are perfect for each section of a report or eBook. 

Say for example you know you want to sell an eBook that is at least 15 pages long. With shorter articles, it is easy to figure out that about 12-15 articles are going to create those 15 pages for you of written content. With 10 articles, you could also make it work just by adding a bit more customization and some images.

3. You Can Combine Multiple Articles for Longer Blog Posts

My favorite thing about shorter articles is that they make it easy to control how long your blog posts are. If you don’t want to use each one as an individual blog post, you can easily combine 2-3 or more together into one long, informative blog post.

This is also going to set you apart from other people using the same content, since you will likely come up with a different combination of articles to put into one blog post topic.

4. They Are Ideal for Emails

Another great benefit of shorter PLR articles is that you can use them for emails. My articles are about 400-450 words on average, which is the perfect length for more informative emails you send out. Since many articles in a pack go together, it also makes it easy for you to create an email series about one topic.

5. Not Everyone Wants a Long Blog Post

Simply put, some topics are better with a shorter blog post, and others need a little more content to get the point across. Either way, when you use shorter articles, it gives you the freedom to choose how long your blog posts end up being, and customize it according to your own style along the way.

I hope that helped you see why this length of PLR articles can be a great option for all your projects!

How to Edit an Editable Canva Template | PLR Tips Wed, 05 Aug 2020 19:05:54 +0000

When you receive an editable Canva file, whether it is an eCover or graphic, you will be given a link to that template that you can edit and save in your own Canva account.

Don't worry, it's super easy!

I'm going to use an example from the editable template I included in my recent Law of Attraction Morning Routine PLR report to show you how to open the template so that you can edit it for yourself.

Step 1: Open the Canva Template to Edit

Before You Begin: Make sure you have signed up for or you log-in to your account before clicking the link you were provided to edit the template. 

Once you have logged in to your account, copy and paste the link you were provided into your web browser. If you are using the template in one of my PLR packages, it will be a note file labeled CANVA TEMPLATE. 

When you copy/paste that link into your web browser, it will bring up the template, similar to what you see below. 

Just click the Use Template button to open it up in your own Canva.

Step 2: Edit the Canva Template

When you click on Use Template, it will open up in your Canva. This is why it is important to be logged in before this point.

It should look similar to the image below.

You can now edit your template. When you hover over different areas of the template, a blue box outlines the area, indicating you can edit it. This includes the image, background color, font, text, etc. 

Step 3: Save and Download Your Template

When you have finished making your changes, change the title at the top to whatever you want so you know this is your edited copy. Once it says All Changes Saved at the top, you know it's safe to close or download. 

You can see in the example below, I changed the image and background colors, then changed the title.

If you close it out and want to find your file again, it will most likely be found in the All Your Designs section of the Canva homepage after you have logged in.

And that's it! You now have your template that you can edit any time. You can download it or convert it to a PDF to be given to your audience. 

Using Journal Prompts and Workbooks | PLR Tips Sat, 11 Jul 2020 15:24:53 +0000

Here at Health and Wellness PLR, we (and by we, I mean I) love journaling. That shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have spent more than 30 seconds browsing my PLR store. Journaling is somehow incorporated in almost all my packages, and that’s for a very good reason – journaling works.

Writing in a journal is a therapeutic, cathartic, and often eye-opening experience. It is something everyone can benefit from, is accessible and easy to do, and is the perfect self-care activity.

I also happen to love journal prompts, which is what we’re talking about today.

In many of my PLR packages, I provide journal prompts either alone, in a workbook, or with a printable and editable journal.

The reason I love to include journal prompts is because they are so helpful and versatile. There are so many options for ways to include them in the products and content you offer to your audience, plus people love them!

But it dawned on me that I never really explained why I include them, why people like using them, and ways you can use them in your products.

So, here is a rundown on what journal prompts and workbooks are, and what exactly you can do with them.

What are Journal Prompts?

Journal prompts are simply writing prompts that give people an idea of what to write about in their journal. Each journal prompt is about a specific topic, often in the form of a question or statement. They provide a super easy way for beginners to know what to write about and gain more clarity than they would have just writing stream of consciousness style.

Example #1: Do you have a 10-year plan?

Example #2: List 5 things you are grateful for today.

Example #3: What is something you regret that you have a hard time moving on from?

Benefits of Providing Journal Prompts

The main reason people love journal prompts is because it gives them an area to focus on when they are journaling. Many people shy away from journaling simply because they don’t know what to write about. But this isn’t the only reason to offer journal prompts. Here are some other benefits:

Keep Beginners on Track – When you are encouraging journaling for people who have never really written in a journal before, writing prompts are crucial. It can often be difficult for new journalers to be motivated every day to write, but with prompts, it becomes much easier to do.

They are Extremely Versatile – You have TONS of options for not only providing journaling prompts, but when it comes to how you offer them, and what your audience can do with them.

Stay Aligned with the Journaling Topic – If you are talking to your readers or list about journaling for a specific reason, like personal development or eating healthier, journal prompts help to keep them focused on the topic.

Ways You Can Offer Journal Prompts

Ok, but how do you actually give them to your audience? Not to worry, this part is super easy.

Include them in Blog Posts – An easy way to share journal prompts with your audience is right on your blog. You can include all the prompts in one blog post, break them up where you have a series about a specific topic, with a few blog posts in each part of the series, or have one prompt given to your readers at the end of each blog post.

Use them as an Opt-in – If you want to get more people on your email list, why not offer the journal prompts as a bonus for signing up? You can give them as-is, or use them in a workbook like my Journaling for Self-Care PLR package has.

Include in Packages Related to Journaling – Another way to use journal prompts is to include them as another element offered in products or courses you sell to your audience. Maybe you have a course about using journaling for anxiety, and you use some journal prompts about anxiety in the package to give examples and writing prompts.

Tips for Editing and Customizing Prompts

Journal prompts can be edited or customized in the same way you would edit any other PLR. Meaning, you can do as much or as little as you want. Here are some options:

Leave Them As-Is – There is nothing wrong with just leaving the journal prompts as you receive them. It’s a good idea to read through them in case you want to make any tweaks, but they don’t need to be customized at all if you don’t have the time or inclination.

Combine with Other Prompts – You might also want to mix and match journal prompts you get. If you are releasing a package on journaling, you can use some prompts about self-care, some about journaling, and some about personal development, and they would all apply.

Customize in Your Voice – Since journal prompts are short questions or statements, not much customizing needs to be done. But you may want to adjust words here and there to put them in your own voice.

What are Workbooks?

When I started Health & Wellness PLR, I knew I wanted to provide a variety of different content. Not just written content, though that is admittedly my strongest skill, but also other forms of premade content you can use for your audience.

More recently, something I have started to add to many products in the PLR store are workbooks. My workbooks are created from the journal prompts I include in the same prewritten content packages, which gives you another option for how to deliver your prompts to your audience.

Here are a few packages that include journal prompts and workbooks so you know what I’m talking about:

>> Walking Challenge 

>> Personal Growth and Development 

>> Plant-Based Journal and Planner 

About My Workbooks

  • My workbooks are made from the journal prompts.
  • You can edit, customize, and reformat the workbooks in Microsoft Word.
  • They make it easy for people to print and use journal prompts in a workbook-like format.

What Do You Get with a Workbook?

A common question I get is what exactly does a workbook look like and what does it include? As I mentioned, they are made from the journal prompts.

I put them together in Microsoft Word, where under each writing prompt, they get lines or numbered bullet points to fill out the information under the prompt.

You can go through the workbook to customize it or reformat anything you want, then convert it to PDF to have your audience print it and fill it out.

Here is a screenshot of a few pages from my most recent Self-Care Workbook:

Why Provide Workbooks to Your Audience?

I like workbooks because they provide a super easy way to give journal prompts to your audience. If you want them to have something they can print out, instead of writing the prompts in their own journal, workbooks work great.

Workbooks are easy to customize. Since they come in Word, which everyone has access to, you can easily edit everything about them. The formatting, font, colors, the prompts themselves, adding images, and so much more.

Beginners love workbooks. When you give journal or writing prompts in this type of workbook (or printable journal format), people who are not accustomed to journaling tend to be more willing to give it a try. It is much easier for new writers to fill out questions as opposed to seeing a blank page in their journal.

I hope this helped to answer some of your questions about journal prompts and workbooks! You can head over to my PLR Store Here to see more packages not just with journal prompts, but 200+ packages about health and wellness.

PLR Tips: How to Convert Emails to Blog Posts Thu, 11 Jun 2020 21:47:45 +0000

As you know, I recently created a bonus for April’s new Life Organization Hacks PLR Package, which consisted of 10 emails that help people organize their life and prepare for going back to work after being stuck in quarantine.

You can see the bonus details in this blog post.

Since autoresponders are not everyone’s preferred form of PLR, I wanted to show you how you could convert the emails into blog posts as another option for using this exclusive bonus content.

How I Write My Emails

Before I get into the tips, I wanted to mention that I am going based on how I personally write my emails. There are 2 main ways mine are written (depending on the package or content):

1. As an Extension of the Topic in the Package. A lot of my emails are written like this, which gives you more options. They work great as follow-up emails, but can also be combined into a lead magnet, or used as blog posts – this is what I am teaching you today.

2. As a Series of Emails That Go in Consecutive Order. These are typically used when it is an email challenge, or a series meant to teach something in a specific order.

Step 1: Basic Editing and Customizing of the Emails

These are the basic instructions I give for editing all written PLR content you get, whether they are emails, articles, reports, or eBooks. Just a little customizing allows you to make it your own, add your unique voice, and blend the content seamlessly with your brand.

Take the emails you want to convert into blog posts, and do the following (minimum):

Change the Title. At the bare minimum, you should change the titles of the emails or articles. I choose titles based on what the topic is, but you might want to add a little of your own voice or personality in the blog post titles.

For example, my bonus includes an email titled: Easy Ways to Maintain Social Distancing Guidelines

You can easily change it just by adjusting it slightly, like:

4 Tips for Maintaining Social Distancing Guidelines
How to Be Socially Distant at Work
Social Distancing is Still Important: How to Stay Safe at Work

Rename the Sections or Subheadings. Another super easy way to edit the email (or any written PLR content) is to rename the subheadings. You really don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this. Something as simple as Benefits of Journaling can be renamed to Why You Should Journal.

Add Your Own Voice. This is optional, and determined by your own preferences. If when you use PLR, you tend to do more customizing, a good place to start is just by adding your own voice to the content. I tend to write in a casual, conversational tone, so if that works for your audience – great! But you can still switch up words here and there to make it your own.

Step 2: Increase the Length

The next thing to consider is how long you want your blog post to be. Standard blog posts can be anywhere from 500 words to over 2,000, depending on your preferences, the content you have available, the topic, and many more factors.

My emails are between 250 and 350 words on average, so you do want to add a bit to them to make them longer.

You have a few options here to make them longer:

Write longer sections. If you like to add more content to PLR anyway, this is going to be super easy for you to do. Just add a bit more information to the intro, conclusion, and each section within the email, and you will have a blog post that is long enough for your needs.

For example, my bonus includes an email titled Lists to Help Organize Your Life. You can easily make this longer by including a few more examples of each type of list.

Combine multiple emails into one blog post. If you want to have longer blog posts, then combining emails is your best option. For example, you can combine the following into one blog post from my bonus emails:

Preparing and Planning to Go Back to Work
How to Gradually Adjust Your Sleeping Schedule
Setting Up New Daily Routines

These email topics all go really well together in a single blog post. This alone would bring your blog post to over 1,000 words.

Add more sections. I’m going to talk more about this in just a minute, but adding more sections to the emails is a really easy way to get it from the 300 words to 500 or more. Many times, I add 2-3 sections with subheadings to each email, so 1-2 more paragraphs and you should be good.

Step 3: Change the Formatting

Of course, the first thing you will probably do is remove the opening greeting and sign off from the email to create a blog post. But here are a few more things that can help:

Add subheadings. I have seen quite a few emails written by PLR providers (and myself occasionally) that doesn’t have clear subheadings. There is nothing wrong with that, but for a blog post, it is a lot easier to read when you label each section with a subheading. I highly recommend adding them.

Write additional sections. As I mentioned, writing additional content to add to the emails is a great way to make them longer. You are still saving yourself a lot of time by starting with the PLR emails, and have very little writing to do just to make it long enough for a blog post.

Add bulleted or numbered lists. Another super easy way to change the formatting of an email that fits a blog post better is by adding bulleted or numbered lists.

For example, in the How Journaling Helps With the Adjustment Period email in my bonus, you can add a section about topics they might journal about during this time, and put those into a list format. There is less actual writing for you to do, but you make it longer and you make it more valuable for your readers.

I know that was long, but I wanted to give you lots of tips! I hope this helped.

Don’t forget if you want the 10 bonus emails for free, you can get them by picking up the new Life Organization Hacks PLR package here.

Life Organization PLR With My Exclusive Bonus Tue, 09 Jun 2020 17:11:54 +0000

Buy April's Life Organizational PLR Package and Get My Exclusive Bonus Articles for FREE

If you are looking for high quality, prewritten content about organizing your life, I have the bundle for you!

April from Niche Starter Packs has just released a new PLR package about Life Organizational Hacks, offering tons of tips and resources for people who want to get back on track and reduce stress in their life.

Plus, I am offering an exclusive bonus with even more PLR content for you.

First, let me show you what April has for you…

Included in the Bundle:

5 Articles - 600+ words each
5 Intro Emails - Every single blog post comes with an intro email.
26-Page Report, "Life Organization Hacks" (Blog Posts Combined)
Canva eCover Template
Bonus Royalty Free Images
Long Tail Keywords - Researched keywords related to life organization hacks
Social Media Posts - 10 per post (5 Posts for Instagram or Facebook & 5 Tweets)

Exclusive Bonus - 10 PLR Emails/Articles

I wanted to write a bonus that would be valuable for people right now. All 10 emails are written both about organizing your life and starting to get ready to get back to work or for people who are leaving quarantine for the first time in a while.

With so many places staring to open up now, people might have a big shock to their system and routine when they realize everything about their schedule is changing abruptly once again.

This email series is about slowly and gradually changing routines, making lists, and figuring out how to develop new schedules once again. You can also make small tweaks to the content to use them for blog posts not just for people going back out into the world after quarantine, but after any life-changing event.

The bonus includes the following topics:

1. Preparing and Planning to Go Back to Work (339 words)
2. How to Gradually Adjust Your Sleeping Schedule (348 words)
3. Easy Ways to Maintain Social Distancing Guidelines (309 words)
4. Simple Changes to Your Physical and Emotional Health (261 words)
5. Setting Up New Daily Routines (362 words)
6. Lists to Help Organize Your Life (428 words)
7. Why Time Blocking is Key to Adjusting to a Different Schedule (357 words)
8. How Journaling Helps with the Adjustment Period (281 words)
9. Budgeting Tips as You Move Forward (326 words)
10. Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Planning Tips (335 words)

Again, it is exclusive, which means you can only get it if you buy April's Life Organizational Hacks bundle with my link. It is not available to my All-Access members.

How to Get Your Bonus

The bonus is attached to the product in the Niche Starter Packs store. You can log in to your account there and find the bonus in the Dashboard. Let me know if you have trouble locating it!

Ways to Use the Bonus Content

While I wrote these in email/autoresponder form, you can definitely use them for other purposes. Here are a few ideas:

Create a Blog Post Series – You can use the content in my bonus PLR package to create a series for your blog. Either keep the 10 topics separate as they are or combine them to have 5-7 days of blog posts.

Put Them Into a Free Report – Another great way to use the content is by putting them together into a report. You can create a lead magnet that you give away to new sign-ups for your list, or a content upgrade.

Combine Them with Related Content – If you have any related content to life organization or getting back to life and work after a major event, it would allow you to have a longer lead magnet or even an eBook or course on the topic.

Don’t forget the ONLY way to get these bonus articles is by purchasing the Life Organization PLR Package with my link.

Bonus PLR Offer: 15 Health PLR Products for Free Sun, 31 May 2020 21:10:17 +0000

Buy JR Lang's new Healthy Lifestyle PLR Package (300+ Pieces of Content!) and get 15 health and wellness PLR products from my store as a free bonus.

The Healthy Lifestyle PLR Package

The new Healthy Lifestyle PLR bundle by JR Lang comes with everything you need to start discussing making healthy changes with your audience - including a combination of diet, exercise, daily routines, and even sleep.

Included in the Bundle:

eBook: Exercise, Nutrition + Sleep: The Perfect Marriage For A Healthy You (29 Pages/6,248 Words)
Nutrition and Fitness Flash Cards/Viral Images
7 Day Email Series To Promote eBook
30 Day Challenge: Get Moving, Get Fit, Get Healthy (15 Pages/2,766 Words)
Report: The Many Benefits Of Functional Fitness (25 Pages/3,961 Words)
Report: The Sedentary Disease: What Happens To Your Body When You Never Move (16 Pages/3,737 Words)
25 New Articles
Editable Checklist/Cheatsheets
Editable Checklist Graphics
3 Editable Infographics
25 Editable Viral Images: Fitness Inspiration
Editable Collage: Fitness Inspiration
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3 Blog Topics to Help People Who Are Quarantined Tue, 17 Mar 2020 18:47:26 +0000 After a few days of being glued to the news and realizing it was just making my anxiety worse, I am getting back to work. 

Justin Popovic from Tools for Motivation has a new PLR bundle out today about ‘Overcoming Loneliness’, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. You can see details about that here or at the end of the email. 

But first, I wanted to give you a list of topics that would be great to write/publish/promote to your audience right now. People are staying home who are likely not used to being home this often.. they are bored and lonely, anxious, and looking for something to do. 

I am not encouraging you to “take advantage of people” during this time. But instead, to offer tips and suggestions, and be there to help and support people who read your blog or are on your list. Most of your audience is not used to being home this much, being told they can’t go out and spend time with their friends. Isolation causes mental health issues very fast – but I do think these topics can help.

* One last thing.. I am having a crisis of conscious right now. I have been struggling with not wanting to appear like I am trying to “benefit from the pandemic”. So, you can just type in their store name in a new window if you don’t feel comfortable using my affiliate link. My recommendations remain the same. 

3 Blog Topics That Can Help People in Isolation or Quarantine

1. Cooking, Food, and Recipes

Not diet content. I am 99% sure nobody cares about that right now. I would focus more on healthy, balanced meals, recipes made from limited ingredients, and just overall comfort food. This is probably the #1 thing I have seen people during while in quarantine. With nothing else to do with their time, they’re going online to find new recipes and cooking. 

For Cooking PLR – – Get 50% Off with Coupon Code: Jenn50

2. Parenting/Entertaining Kids at Home

This is another big one. Most schools are closed for the next few weeks. Parents are not only having to homeschool for the first time, but they are desperately trying to keep their kids entertained. 

If you have any blog posts about entertaining kids on rainy days or snow days, it will definitely apply here. Promote them right now! Trust me, people will be interested. 

If you are looking for PLR, April from has an awesome pack on Kid’s Crafts

Some online resources you can mention in your blog posts (none of these are affiliate links):

3. Anxiety, Mental Health, and Loneliness

Not everyone thrives on being alone or stuck in isolation. Even introverts like me still get out of the house regularly to socialize and be around friends. This is a very difficult time for everyone, but especially people who struggle with anxiety and depression. 

Mental Health PLR From My Store – This is my mental health category, so you will have a lot of options if you want to add something new to your blog. 

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Overcoming Loneliness – This one is brand new from Justin and is honestly so perfect right now. People are lonely, and it is probably affecting their mental health a lot. Definitely consider pick this one up if you’re looking for new PLR to help your audience right now. 

TIP – If you have any blog posts about dealing with boredom while at home OR work at home tips, now is the time to promote them to your list. 

Tips for Working from Home Full-Time (in the middle of a lockdown) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 13:39:56 +0000 Let’s talk a little about working from home, especially if you are just now adjusting to this idea based on local shutdowns in your community.

Over the past two weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has gone from dozens of people with the virus, to thousands.

I live in California, one of the worst 3 states in the US to get hit, but it isn’t even close to the amount of people in China and Italy who have been affected.

I hope you are all safe and healthy – and have enough toilet paper. If you have more than enough, make sure your neighbors have enough? Sharing is caring. 

I know quite a lot of people are taking time off from their day jobs right now, whether because of self-isolation, kids being out of school, or because your place of business has shut down. Whatever the reason, you might not be used to working from home full-time. 

The good news is, working from home is awesome. The bad news is, it’s also kind of terrible. I have been doing it for almost 10 years and while I can’t even imagine what it would be like working outside the house again, there are definitely some challenges. 

Keep in mind these are tips based on my own experiences and circumstances. Take them with a grain of salt on the rim of the margarita you’re probably day drinking right now to deal with the stress and anxiety of running out of hand soap before the store has restocked.

How to (Kind of) Survive Working from Home Full-Time

1. Don’t Day Drink. All jokes aside, it is a terrible idea. Have I done it? Yes. Might I do it again? Probably. And yeah, you might love that “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” quote from Ernest Hemingway, but do you know what’s hard to do when you’re drunk at 11am? Write. And work. And answer customer service emails. And do literally anything. 0/10 recommend.

2. Don’t Get Dressed if You Don’t Want to. I know. Everyone is going to tell you to get up when you normally would, take a shower, get dressed like you’re going to the office, have a dedicated workspace, blah blah. If you think that will help, by all means do it. But I rarely do. 

I get dressed just enough to be able to take my dogs out without embarrassing my neighbors. That means put on a bra, and make sure I’m wearing pants. 

I think the most important thing is to be comfortable. Maybe for you that means wearing your pajamas, or changing into your daytime yoga pants (hello, best friend, me too!), or wearing jeans like some kind of savage. You do you! 

3. Keep Your Phone in Another Room. Oh, the cell phone. Literally the most distracting thing on the planet. Not barking dogs, not screaming kids, not even your neighbors deciding 6am on a Saturday is an awesome time to mow their lawn. Your phone is what is going to keep you from getting any work done. 

Don’t just turn it off. Don’t just flip it over and promise yourself you won’t look – we all know you will. It will buzz even if the ringer is off, the notifications will be pinging all damn day, and it’s really hard to resist. 

Just leave it plugged in, in a different room where it’s seen and not heard. Trust me. Stop shaking your head. You will survive a few hours without it, I promise.

4. Find Your Optimal Working Hours. You probably already know what they are. Think about when you are in the office and are most productive, or when you tend to get a burst of energy at your retail job. Or when you feel the most creative while working at home. It doesn’t matter what your job was before switching to working from home – you have certain times of the day when you get more done. 

Take advantage. I have given this tip a million times before, and I will keep doing it. I have gone from being a night owl to a morning person, because I figured out within the first couple years of working from home that my ideal focus time is about 5am to noon. That’s it. I get almost nothing done the rest of the day, because my brain refuses to let me. 

Adjust your schedule so that you can (hopefully) work during those optimal hours, no matter when they are. 

5. Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care. I kind of hate how trendy this phrase is, but I do think it’s extremely important for all freelancers, entrepreneurs, and especially people who might be new to working from home full-time. I could easily write a book about this, but here are just a few things I personally do for self-care:

  • Sing to Play with my dogs.
  • Go for a walk (it counts as social distancing when you’re really good at avoiding other people). 
  • Read.. like real books. The old-fashioned ones made from PAPER. I know. Crazy. 
  • Listen to NOT podcasts. If you like podcasts, that’s probably ok. I try to avoid them like the plague coronavirus.
  • Close my computer and do literally anything else. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

*I didn’t leave the tip of making sure you get out of the house and talk to people so you don’t get sofa butt, but right now it’s not a super practical tip. I do think fresh air is good for you though. If you’re on quarantine, just open your window and stick your head out. I think that’s allowed? 

That’s all I think. I probably missed no less than 10 thousand good tips, but my brain is currently experiencing information overload from all the news. 

I think I’ll go wash my hands again. 

New Law of Attraction PLR + My Bonus Wed, 22 Jan 2020 15:31:30 +0000 Hello Friends!

Surprise! JR Lang and I accidentally chose the same exact topic at the same exact time (mine is here). Oh, universe, what are you doing. 

I’ll be honest.. when I first heard about her launch being the day before mine, I freaked out. We sent our affiliate emails on the same day too – mine in the morning, hers in the evening. It was crazy. 

I thought about canceling or moving my launch, but after talking to a few friends, I decided to keep mine. I made a commitment and I have a schedule to keep. It wasn’t my fault (or hers) that we just happened to choose the same awesome topic at the same time. That’s just life. You don’t let it derail you – you just move forward.

I also decided to look at it from the perspective of someone who was actually following the law of attraction. They wouldn’t curse the universe for the bad timing, but instead would look at the bright side and find a way that it could actually be a good thing, and have faith that the universe knows what it’s doing.

This is what I came up with – since I have been researching and writing about the law of attraction for the past several weeks, I know exactly what people are searching for when they have questions about manifesting. Which means I can put together a kickass FAQ for your readers about the law of attraction, and give it to you as a bonus for JR Lang’s new Law of Attraction bundle.

Which is exactly what I did. 

JR Lang’s Law of Attraction Bundle is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

She has so much content in this bundle that you definitely don’t want to miss. Here is a look at what you will get, in addition to my bonus:

eBook: Manifestation: Master the Law of Attraction and the Art of Achieving Your Greatest Desires
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Get This Exclusive Bonus – 20 Law of Attraction FAQs

For your bonus, I have put together a list of 20 frequently asked questions about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. These were questions that popped up several times when doing my own research, so trust me, your audience is wondering the same thing. 

Think about it – when you Google something, you almost always type in a question. Most people won’t just type in a keyword like “manifesting desires”. They will type in a question like “how do I manifest _____?” I used this knowledge to write an FAQ of all the most commonly asked questions that I came across when writing my own bundle on this topic. 

The FAQs are in one document, which is 8 pages long and 2,879 words. It is in report format, with an intro, followed by the 10 questions and answers. 

The 20 questions include:

1. What is mirror work?
2. What is a manifesting box?
3. What if people try to manifest something negative? 
4. How do you control your negative feelings? 
5. How do you focus on the law of attraction when you’re having a bad day?
6. Can you use the law of attraction to lose weight?
7. How long does it take to manifest?
8. Why is letting go so important?
9. Can the law of attraction help with anxiety?
10. What is a flow state?
11. Can you manifest a specific person?
12. How to deal with negative people who lower your vibration?
13. What are some signs that manifesting is close?
14. What does it mean when you allow something to happen?
15. How do you live ‘as if’?
16. What is a spiritual awakening and how does it happen?
17. Is there proof of the law of attraction?
18. Do people cause their own accidents, illnesses, and other bad things?
19. Why is self-love important in the law of attraction?
20. What is the best manifestation technique? 

This is an exclusive bonus, which means you will only get access to this content if you buy JR Lang’s new bundle with my link. No exceptions. All-Access/Lifetime members do not have access to the content for free – you only get it as a bonus with JR’s new LOA bundle.

You have 3 options for using these FAQs:

1. Leave them in the report I compiled for you. This gives you a really awesome resource to share with your audience.

2. Split them up into blog posts. You can either use each one as a separate blog post in order to rank higher for this keyword and add more to it with other content, or you can put a few together into each blog posts. It still gives you a lot to work with.

3. Create an informative email series. Use one of the lead magnets you get from JR or me as your opt-in report, then add this email series for all your new subscribers. 

I hope you enjoy your new LOA content!