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What You Get With the 12-Month Diet Rotation PLR Special

This PLR special comes with 12 PLR reports covering 12 different diets. They include:

1. Mindful Eating Diets – 5 and a half pages, 2,577 words
2. Calorie Control Diets – 5 and a half page, 2,474 words
3. Low Carb Diets – 5 and a half page, 2,533 words
4. Meal Replacement Diets - 5 and a half page, 2,318 words
5. Fasting Diets - 5 and a half page, 2,441 words
6. Sugar Detox Diets – 5+ page, 2,215 words
7. Meatless Dieting - 5+ page, 2,186 words
8. Paleo Diet – 5-page, 2,152 words
9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet - 5+ page, 2,332 words
10. Blood Sugar Diet - 5+ page, 2,274 words
11. Mediterranean Diet – 5+ page, 2,238 words
12. Low Fat Diet - 5+ page, 2,245 words

Each of these reports has the​ following sections:

Basic Principles of the Diet
Who the Diet Works Best For
How to Get Prepared for this Diet
Sample Meal Plan for the Diet
Tips to Increase Success on this Diet

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Summary of Your Bonus

When you use my link to buy the Diet Rotation PLR Special, you will get 3 brand new, exclusive PLR reports with custom covers. All 3 of these reports are exclusive, which means ONLY people who buy with my link will get these reports. They will never appear anywhere  else, used as a bonus for other products, or be added to my store. 

This means if you are an Annual or Lifetime members, the bonus is not included for free. Members still need to buy Tiffany's new PLR special to get these reports. 

All 3 reports cover different diets not already covered in the original Diet Rotation PLR Special. They include:

1. Specific Carbohydrate Diet
2. Autoimmune Protocol
3. Macrobiotic Diet

All 3 reports are 5 pages long and include a custom report cover.  You will also get 20 royalty-free images. 

Upgrade Bonus: 3 More Reports on HOT Topics

If you buy her first upgrade with my link, you will get another 3 reports on trending topics, including:

1. Journaling for Weight Loss
2. Running for Weight Loss
3. Juicing & Smoothies for Weight Loss

    YOUR BONUS: 3 New & Exclusive PLR Reports

    1. Specific Carbohydrate Diet - 5-Page Report

    This first PLR report is about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). This is a type of selective low-carb diet to help people with gut and digestive conditions, as well as weight loss. The report is 5 pages long and includes a custom cover. 

    Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    5 pages, 4 sections, 2,009 words

    1. Overview of the SCD Diet
    2. Benefits of Specific Carbohydrates
    3. What You Can and Can’t Eat
    4. Tips for Following the SCD Diet

    2. Autoimmune Protocol Diet

    The second exclusive PLR report you will get is a 5-page report on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. This also comes with a flat version of the custom report cover.

    Autoimmune Protocol Diet

    5 pages, 5 sections, 1,964 words

    1. About the Autoimmune Protocol Diet
    2. Who Should Follow This Diet
    3. What You Can Eat
    4. What You Should Avoid
    5. More Tips and Info

    3. Macrobiotic Diet - 5-Page Report

    The third report topic is on the Macrobiotic Diet. This is similar to a Pescatarian diet, though can also be turned into a vegan diet. 

    Macrobiotic Diet

    5 pages, 5 sections, 1,961 words

    1. What is the Macrobiotic Diet?
    2. Is This a Vegan Diet?
    3. What Can You Eat?
    4. What Can You Not Eat?
    5. How Do You Stick to This Diet?

    20 Royalty-Free Images

    You will also get 20 royalty-free images to use with these 3 reports. All of these images are relevant to the topics discussed in these reports.

    Upgrade Bonus: 3 More NEW Reports

    When you use my link to buy the upgrade after the main PLR special, you will get another 3 new and exclusive reports I have written. These are all on HOT and TRENDING topics about weight loss.

    1. Journaling for Weight Loss - 5-Page Report

    This first report is on Journaling for Weight Loss - teaching your readers how to use their journal to help them lose weight.

    Journaling for Weight Loss

    5 pages, 4 sections, 2,159 words

    1. Changing Your Habits
    2. Keeping a Food Diary
    3. Tracking Fitness and Progress
    4. It’s Not Just About the Food

    2. Running for Weight Loss - 5-Page Report

    The second new report is another popular topic. This is on how to start running for weight loss. 

    Running for Weight Loss

    5 pages, 5 sections, 2,133 words

    1. Benefits of Running for Weight Loss
    2. The Importance of Mixing Up Your Runs
    3. What to Eat While Running for Weight Loss
    4. Other Fitness Routines to Add
    5. Tips for Beginners

    3. Juicing & Smoothies for Weight Loss - 5-Page Report

    The third new and exclusive PLR report you will get for the upgrade is on Juicing & Smoothies for Weight Loss.

    Juicing & Smoothies for Weight Loss

    5 pages, 4 sections, 1.953 words

    1. Benefits of Juice & Smoothies for Weight Loss
    2. Fat-Burning Fruits & Veggies to Include
    3. Healthy Smoothie Recipes
    4. Tips for Juicing for Health & Weight Loss

    20 Royalty-Free Images

    You will also get another 20 royalty-free images to go with these reports. 

    2nd Upgrade Bonus: 20 Diet & Weight Loss PLR Packs and Bundles From My Store - $300+ Value

    Tiffany has a 2nd upgrade option if you buy the main special and the first upgrade. With this one, you get $1,200 worth of PLR content from her store! I have also included 20 packs from my store, giving you an additional $300+ of content. Here are the topics you will get:

    1. Intermittent Fasting Bundle
    2. Keto Coffee PLR Report
    3. Keto FAQs Bundle
    4. Boost Your Metabolism PLR Pack
    5. Smoothies for Health PLR Pack
    6. Air Fryer for Healthy Cooking Pack
    7. Flat-Belly Vegetables PLR Pack
    8. Hiking for Weigth Loss Pack
    9. Growing Your Own Food Bundle
    10. Fat Burning Bundle

    11. Fermented Food Bundle
    12. Lemon Water PLR Report
    13. Low-Carb Diets PLR Pack
    14. Keto Alcohol PLR Report
    15. Vegetarian Bundle
    16. Vegan Bundle
    17. Breaking Your Sugar Addiction Report
    18. Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
    19. Clean Eating PLR Pack
    20. 21-Day Fix PLR Bundle

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