Custom Content

Are you having trouble finding the exact PLR content you need? Or maybe you just want something that is 100% unique that you don't have to edit or customize. 

I am now offering custom content writing services, where you will be the ONLY one with this content. 

The prices listed below are introductory prices - and about 50% less than what my normal rates will be. This special is offered for a limited time only.

Content will be completed on a first come, first served basis. 

Types of Content to Order

As a health and wellness writer, I would prefer to stick to these topics. The following includes a list of topics I am comfortable writing about:

Health and Medical
Mental Health
Natural and Holistic Health
Journaling and Using Planners
Home and Lifestyle

Content Packages & Prices

I am currently offering a discounted rate, but these prices will go up after this introductory offer.

*Each "page" is 400-550 words. If you want something longer, we will work out a fair rate for the length.

Basic Rate - $25 per page. 

For Example:

5 Pages = $125

10 Pages = $250

15 Pages = $375

Pages can be articles, blog posts, email follow-ups, product reviews, or reports. eBooks will cost an extra fee for formatting. I will not be providing any graphics or covers. You can mix and match the type of content you need.

How it Works

To order content, just email me at healthandwellnessplr at gmail dot com, and we can discuss what type of content you need. 

How it Will Work:

1. You contact me with any information that you have about the content you need. 

2. Let me know the topics (if you have them) and how many pages you need. If you just have an idea of the topic, but need help with the titles, I can help you with that. 

3. We will discuss the rate and terms of service. This is when you will get an approximate date of delivery and find out when/how to make a payment.

4. I will research and write the content in order of first come, first served. You will then get your content returned to you by the date we discussed. 

Just email me if you have questions! I am happy to answer any questions you have about it. 

Want more limited PLR content, without paying the prices of custom content? I have some available at Most packs start at just 20-25 copies.