Create Your Own Printable Journals and Planners with This Course


I have been fully immersed in creating printables (journals and planners) with PowerPoint recently, thanks to an awesome course by Sue Fleckenstein from Createful Journals.

I am a visual learner. I need to SEE how to do something, not be TOLD how to do it. This course provided the perfect opportunity to learn a lot of little things I didn’t know about PowerPoint, and create my own templates as well as learn how to edit other ones.

Many of you already have the course, and that’s great! I just wanted to give you a little overview of how it worked and give you a full, honest review since I have now gone through the entire thing myself.

As a point of reference, this is the first journal I created with the course:

Basic Overview of the Course

The Journal & Planner Course  was created by Sue Fleckenstein from Createful Journals. Its purpose is to show you how to create your own planners and journals (and printable pages) that you can give to your readers and subscribers, sell through your website, Etsy, and other places, and use as content upgrades on opt-in pages.

Here is a look at what you learn in the course:

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks – You learn the basics of using PowerPoint, choosing or changing designs, choosing templates, color and font choices, adding new fonts, editing her templates, creating your own templates, creating your own journal, using shapes, and more.

Selling Your Planners and Journals – She has another module where she teaches you a little about selling journals and planners. This includes an overview of the best options, and some extra tips on selling through Etsy, Lulu, Creatspace, and Gumroad.

Selling on Your Website – There is a module dedicated to selling them from your website, including how to use Thrive Architect and gives some other page builder options.

Other modules include:

Marketing Your Content
Advanced PowerPoint
Publishing on Amazon KDP
Publishing on LuLu
More Bonuses

Learning How PowerPoint Works

One of my favorite things about the course is through each demonstration, you learn a little more about how PowerPoint works.

This is why I was so intimidated by it. I have honestly NEVER used it before a couple days ago, aside from viewing templates. I have no idea what it does or how it works, because I never really had a need for it.

What you will notice is that you learn about the different tools and features of PowerPoint very quickly, so this is really valuable. I went through all the videos, not just the ones that applied to me, and that really helped me learn some extra tips and tricks.

Starting with the Templates

The first thing you will learn in the course, aside from just the basics of PowerPoint, is using her templates and customizing them. You guys – this is so much easier than I realized!

You get the hang of it really fast, and trust me, you will learn how to edit the PLR journals and planners you get in like minutes.

I’m a total tech dummy, so if I can figure it out, you can!

She provides a lot of excellent templates to start with, including:

Lined pages
Notes pages
To-do lists
Pages with boxes
Planner pages
.. tons more for planners and journals

Creating My Own Pages

I ended up customizing a couple of her awesome templates, but I did most of the pages (err slides) myself. NOT because her templates weren’t great, but just because this is a niche-specific journal, and I had other ideas for some of the pages.

The good news is that she explains how to create your own templates from scratch – so if you buy a planner or journal, and want to add a little to it, this course definitely helps you learn how to do it quick and easy.

What I Found the Most Helpful (and surprising)

  1. She moves fast, but not too fast. If you have ever gone through a tutorial online, you know what I’m talking about. When people go too slow (they mean well), it can feel like it’s dragging on for so long. You get like 10 steps ahead while they are still explaining what a font is.

Sue does move pretty fast, so you might pause a few times, but I liked the speed because you never really feel like you’re there waiting for some long, drawn out explanation.

  1. She explains why she is doing something. I think this is important, especially when learning a new program. While I want to see how to do something, I also need to know its purpose. There are several examples where she gives you a few different options for making a change or edit, and the pros and cons of each option.
  2. All the templates you need to start with are included.I know she mentions the templates on her sales page, but there were some amazing ones in there, with multiple variations of quite a few of them. Honestly, there is a LOT you can do just from these templates, so don’t feel intimidated about starting from scratch.
  3. The Facebook Group. When you get access to the course, you also get access to the Facebook group. This lets you ask her or other members specific questions in case you get stuck.

If you are interested in the course, you can get it here.

Let me know if you have any questions!