New Bonus Offer! What’s different about this bonus is that you have TWO products to choose from – Buy either of these products with my link, and you will get the following bonus.

1. Coach Glue’s Turn Your Passion Into a Service Video Script and Workbook

2. JR Lang’s Power of Your Thoughts

What You Get in This Bonus

This is a personal development bonus, where you get 6 of my most popular self-help PLR products in one bundle. They include:

  • Journaling Habits
  • Mindfulness for Productivity
  • Positive Thinking Challenge
  • Morning Person
  • Perfectionism
  • Get Unstuck

Journaling Habits

Journaling continues to be a hot and trending topic – and for good reason. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere. People who journal do so to find more clarity, express their emotions, find triggers for mental or physical health conditions, and practice mindfulness.

If you have a health blog or list, you can bet your readers are either interesting in starting journaling, or trying to find motivation to do it daily. That is exactly what this PLR report provides them.

The 7-page report goes over ways to get started and stick to a daily journaling routine. It is a high-quality report you can use as an opt-in, free content upgrade, or broken up into blog posts or emails.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Page ReportEditable eCover10 Images

Mindfulness for Productivity

Mindfulness is the practice of being more present and mindful, focusing on acceptance, forgiveness, and letting the past stay in the past. There are many reasons to practice mindfulness, from reducing stress and anxiety, to helping with better clarity and focus. It is also great for improving your productivity.

This PLR bundle provides you with 20 high-quality articles written about mindfulness for productivity. You can use them as individual blog posts and emails, or use some as blog posts, and some as a lead magnet for your list. 

Included in this Bundle:

20 PLR ArticlesText and Word Format20 Royalty-Free Images20 Social Media Posts

Positive Thinking Challenge

This brand new PLR bundle is all about positive thinking! You will get a 7-day email challenge (with 2 bonus emails) all about Positive Thinking, along with 7 articles that work perfectly as blog posts for each day of the challenge.

Each day of the challenge offers a different assignment for your followers to adapt more positive thinking. They will learn about gratitude, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, using a journal, and so much more.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Day Email Challenge (9 emails total)7 ArticlesList of Affirmations10 Images

Morning Person

One of the biggest trends right now is personal development, and within that niche, waking up early is what everyone is talking about.

Jump on the bandwagon and join the conversation by providing your readers with quality, helpful content all about becoming a morning person. 

This is something everyone can benefit from, and you will get all the content you need to get started on the topic. I have included an opt-in report and cover, articles, product reviews, even graphics and images. 

Don’t miss your chance to not only join in the conversation about waking up earlier and becoming a happier, more productive person, but becoming an authority on the topic.

Included in This Bundle:

7-Page Report & Cover10 Articles5 Product Reviews10 Quote PostersImages


Perfectionism may seem like an amazing quality to have, but it can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. This is a personality trait that often leads to severe stress, frustration, and impacts your mental health.

With a health blog, you want to engage your readers and give them valuable information — which you can do with this new PLR pack. It is all about perfectionism and how it can be overcome with small, daily changes.

Not only do you get 7 high-quality articles about perfectionism, but I have also put those articles into a report for you, giving you multiple options for using this content.

Included in this Bundle:

7 PLR Articles450+ Words EachArticles Converted Into a Report

Get Unstuck

Feeling unstuck in your life and losing your creative spark often go hand-in-hand. This PLR pack tackles both at the same time, by helping your readers gain more clarity, find their missing creative spark, and figure out why they feel so stuck.

You will get 10 high-quality articles about getting unstuck, as well as images that can be used for your content or creating graphics.

Included in this Bundle:

10 PLR ArticlesText and Word Format10 Images