5 Ways to Use the Superfoods PLR Bundle



Hi Guys!

I recently launched my new Superfoods For Health PLR bundle (here), which has 5 brand new reports in the main offer, then another 5 reports, 20 articles, and 5 product reviews in the upgrade offer.

This bundle will soon be available in my PLR store, but you save more than 50% just by grabbing it now while I have the special running.

I wanted to show you some different ways you can use superfoods PLR to promote various types of products, so you can see just how awesome this package is!

  1. Use the Superfoods Reports as Upgrades

When I started planning out this Superfoods For Health PLR package, I decided early on that I wanted to do mostly reports. It made sense, since I wanted to cover different health conditions that could benefit from adding more superfoods into your diet.

The great thing about reports is that you can use them as-is, with a little editing, and give them away to your list as content upgrades. This can either be as a free gift for signing up to your list, or an extra freebie for your current list.

Tip: Put together a few reports for an extra-big content upgrade to encourage more sign-ups. For example, the Superfoods For Weight Loss and Superfoods For Beauty reports would go great together as a ‘self-improvement’ type of report.

  1. Create an Email Series With the Reports

Another way you can get your email subs engaged is by creating a new email series that uses the superfoods reports.

Here is a list of the report topics you get with the main offer:

Superfoods For Adults & Children
Superfoods For Weight Loss
Superfoods For Beauty
Superfoods For Diabetes
Superfoods For Mental Health

And 5 more reports included in the upgrade offer:

Superfoods For Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Superfoods For Brain Health
Superfoods For Joints & Bones
Superfoods For Crohn’s Disease
Superfoods For Pets

You will even have 20 articles that go over superfoods topics like:

Colon Health

This gives you a lot of content to work with. You can get more subscribers by telling them you will be having an email series all about healthy ways to use superfoods, plus this encourages current subs to open more of your emails. It’s a win-win!

  1. Create a Blog Series

An email series isn’t the only way to use this superfoods PLR content; you can also do a blog series. This is great because with blog posts, you are working on your keywords and SEO to get more organic traffic, plus you are sending your list to your blog where you might be able to promote more products. People that find your blog organically or through social media might then want to sign up for your list.

I personally recommend using some of the content for the blog series, then having the rest of the content in an email series. This gets people looking at the blog and signing up for your list.

  1. Break Up the Reports into Blog Posts

If you like the topics covered in the Superfoods For Health PLR package, but you don’t have a use for reports, don’t worry! It is very easy to take a report and turn it into a blog post. This post talks about the basics of doing this, but these reports are a little different.

You have a few options:

Turn the entire report into a long blog post – Each of these reports has about 10-15 superfoods to be used for that health condition, so the easiest thing to do is just create one extra-long blog post. This is going to give you a lot of SEO potential, but be aware the post will be very long. When editing the reports so they are unique and work for your specific angle, you should be able to trim them down a little if needed.

Break up the report into 2-4 parts – Another option is to take the list of superfoods for the report you like and break up the list into 2-4 parts. You can create a short email series with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Volume 1, 2, and 3, depending on how you want to do it.

Use the reports with multiple sections – There are a couple reports that don’t just have a list of superfoods, but are broken up into 2-3 sections. This includes the Superfoods For Adults & Children, Superfoods For Pets, and Superfoods For Mental Health reports. You can use those sections as separate blog posts.

  1. Create an eBook With the Reports

The final suggestion I have for you is to turn most or all of the superfoods content you get into an eBook. With the main offer, you are getting 25 pages of content, then another 50 pages of content with the upgrade offer. This is an excellent start to an eBook all about using superfoods for health! Of course, due to restrictions, you can’t sell it on Amazon, but it would be an awesome content upgrade or something to sell right on your blog.

I hope this helps you see how many ways there are to use this fun, trending topic! Let me know if you have any questions.