3 Blog Topics to Help People Who Are Quarantined

After a few days of being glued to the news and realizing it was just making my anxiety worse, I am getting back to work. 

Justin Popovic from Tools for Motivation has a new PLR bundle out today about ‘Overcoming Loneliness’, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. You can see details about that here or at the end of the email. 

But first, I wanted to give you a list of topics that would be great to write/publish/promote to your audience right now. People are staying home who are likely not used to being home this often.. they are bored and lonely, anxious, and looking for something to do. 

I am not encouraging you to “take advantage of people” during this time. But instead, to offer tips and suggestions, and be there to help and support people who read your blog or are on your list. Most of your audience is not used to being home this much, being told they can’t go out and spend time with their friends. Isolation causes mental health issues very fast – but I do think these topics can help.

* One last thing.. I am having a crisis of conscious right now. I have been struggling with not wanting to appear like I am trying to “benefit from the pandemic”. So, you can just type in their store name in a new window if you don’t feel comfortable using my affiliate link. My recommendations remain the same. 

3 Blog Topics That Can Help People in Isolation or Quarantine

1. Cooking, Food, and Recipes

Not diet content. I am 99% sure nobody cares about that right now. I would focus more on healthy, balanced meals, recipes made from limited ingredients, and just overall comfort food. This is probably the #1 thing I have seen people during while in quarantine. With nothing else to do with their time, they’re going online to find new recipes and cooking. 

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2. Parenting/Entertaining Kids at Home

This is another big one. Most schools are closed for the next few weeks. Parents are not only having to homeschool for the first time, but they are desperately trying to keep their kids entertained. 

If you have any blog posts about entertaining kids on rainy days or snow days, it will definitely apply here. Promote them right now! Trust me, people will be interested. 

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Some online resources you can mention in your blog posts (none of these are affiliate links):

3. Anxiety, Mental Health, and Loneliness

Not everyone thrives on being alone or stuck in isolation. Even introverts like me still get out of the house regularly to socialize and be around friends. This is a very difficult time for everyone, but especially people who struggle with anxiety and depression. 

Mental Health PLR From My Store – This is my mental health category, so you will have a lot of options if you want to add something new to your blog. 

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Overcoming Loneliness – This one is brand new from Justin and is honestly so perfect right now. People are lonely, and it is probably affecting their mental health a lot. Definitely consider pick this one up if you’re looking for new PLR to help your audience right now. 

TIP – If you have any blog posts about dealing with boredom while at home OR work at home tips, now is the time to promote them to your list.