Why You Should Use the Pretty Link Plug-In



Hello everyone!

If you use WordPress for your blog or website, I highly recommend using the Pretty Link plug-in. It has saved me so much time and is an awesome way to cloak links when you are promoting.

This is a super easy plug-in that you can install on your blog in a flash and not have to deal with any complex settings to configure before using it. Here are some different things I like about it.

Benefits of the Pretty Link Plug-In

So why should you use Pretty Link? I’ll tell you!

You Can Shorten Your Links

One thing that gets super annoying when you are using links in your blog posts or emails is that the links are always so long. These can be complicated and make your emails look messy if you are not hyperlinking text. Plus, affiliate links are even longer! Have you seen the length of Amazon affiliate links? It is long enough just with the product link, but then all that extra text is added to the end when you are promoting something.

With Pretty Link, you are choosing what you want the link to be, so that it is going to be a lot shorter.

It Helps You to Cloak Links

Both the lite version and Pro version of Pretty Link will give you options for cloaking links. The lite version lets you choose how you want the links to look, so if you add a link to one of your emails or blog posts, they don’t see the affiliate link, but instead the link you created.

For example, my link for Pretty Link now looks like this: http://healthandwellnessplr.com/deals/prettylinklite

Much better, right?!

Then if you choose the Pro version of Pretty Link, there are some other features, like cloak redirecting.

It Can Help With Targeting Your Website

This is something you might not have considered. When you create a Pretty Link, it usually starts with the domain of whatever blog or website you are using it on, as you saw with my example. So every time you add this link to something, regardless of what it is, your website domain is going to be in there. This is automatic backlinking and targeting for your site. YES.

Pretty Link Helps You Organize Links

This is actually the reason I got Pretty Link in the first place. I was losing track of my affiliate links, and then links fo rmy different PLR product pages. It was becoming a major headache. So I asked a friend, who pointed me toward this plug-in. You can create different Groups and name them whatever you want, helping you to organize and keep track of all your links. If you use it often enough, you won’t have to keep a spreadsheet with your links because they are all right there. There is a search function in Pretty Links to find a link super quick.

It is Easy to Use

I don’t know that it could be any easier to use! You have the quick version of adding links right on your dashboard:

This is my main WordPress dashboard, with a little box letting me quickly add a link. Or you can follow the directions below for the standard version.

Basics of Using Pretty Link Lite

Here is the basic method for adding a link to Pretty Link. Once you install the plug-in and choose either the Lite or Pro version, you will activate the plug-in. Go to your dashboard on WordPress, and look on the left-hand side for Pretty Link.

If you hover over it, the following box appears.


It shows you some different options, like creating a new link or viewing the current ones. Go to Add New Link.

Now you will see this screen. As you can see, I have filled in my information to create an affiliate link for Pretty Link, so I can show you how it works.

Add the URL of the link you are using to the top box, then create your link text. I originally started just naming the link what it is, but it got confusing. So I recommend using a sub-category, then the name of your link. I use ‘Deals’ for all affiliate links because it is easier for me to keep track.

At the bottom, you will see some other options:

This shows Advanced Options, like choosing a Group or adding one. I have a few groups, but you can see I selected Affiliate Links for this one. Go ahead and create as many groups as you want!

You will also see the Pro options at the bottom if you choose that version of the Pretty Link plug-in.

When you’re done, just click the blue Create button and you will see this screen.

This shows you a list of all the links you have created. How easy is that!

What You Get With Pretty Link Pro

You can get started with Pretty Link just by installing the free plug-in and use the basic features. That is what I used for this example. Or you can get the Pro version. Here are some additional pro features of the plug-in:

More redirection types

Alternate Base URL

Expire links

QR codes

Automation features like importing/exporting links and rotating URLs

.. lots more!

Check out Pretty Link Pro here or comment on this post for any questions!

New PLR in the Store: Senior Fitness!



Happy Monday!

It’s time for a new PLR pack – and this time it’s on Senior Fitness. I know there is a lot of general senior fitness PLR out there, so I decided to take a new angle. This PLR pack is all about seniors exercising while living in an assisted living community.

What You Get in the PLR Pack

This senior fitness PLR pack comes with the following 10 articles:

1. 5 Solo Assisted Living Workouts (420 words)
2. 4 Group Assisted Living Workouts (408 words)
3. Assisted Living Workouts Using Gym Equipment (411 words)
4. Exercises For Seniors With Arthritis (412 words)
5. No-Equipment Assisted Living Workouts (406 words)
6. Seated Workouts For Seniors (434 words)
7. Simple Yoga Poses For Seniors (411 words)
8. Stretching and Balance Exercises For Seniors (415 words)
9. Try These Workouts in Your Bed (423 words)
10. Why Every Senior Should Be Walking (432 words)

How to Promote This Pack

There is a lot you can do with this pack! First of all, you can add the articles as individual blog posts, either scattered among other fitness topics, or in a senior fitness series. You can promote fitness supplies and equipment that seniors might want to use, along with workout DVDs like senior yoga or low-impact aerobics.

Another option is to either use all 10 articles in a long report, or split them up into 2 reports. One report can be an opt-in upgrade, then the other report can be in your autoresponder series for new subscribers.

You can grab this Senior Assisted Living Fitness PLR pack here.

Don’t forget I have another pack on Senior Health that is perfect to go with it!


5 Ways to Use This Protein PLR Bundle


April Lemarr has a new Protein PLR Bundle for just $7, which includes 6 articles about protein shakes that are also put into a report with graphics, and 10 more articles about protein.


The reason I like this bundle is because by giving you the report and the articles separately, you have more options. You can easily choose how to use the content, plus graphics are always a big plus! I put together some different ideas for how to use this protein content.

1. Get More Subscribers

Who doesn’t want more subscribers? The Protein PLR Bundle is actually perfect for that. You can take the 16-page report to be used as an opt-in to get those subscribers, then for people who sign up for your list, create an autoresponder series with the other 10 articles about protein. This will keep your list engaged and interested in the topic.

You can also take 5 of the articles to use as your autoresponders, then 5 as blog posts. For 5 days, send an email with content from 1 of the articles, then direct them to your blog where there is another of the articles added as a blog post. This gets them to open your email, keeps them engaged, and gets more hits to your blog at the same time.

2. Create a Challenge

People love challenges. You can take the 6 articles about protein shakes and easily turn them into a challenge for your subscribers, which is also another good way to encourage more people to sign up for your list. This is the order I would put them in for a challenge or autoresponder series:

  • Day 1: Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes
  • Day 2: Tips For Making Protein Shakes
  • Day 3: 6 Protein Shake Recipes
  • Day 4: Protein Shakes to Make Without a Blender
  • Day 5: Three Ingredient Protein Shakes
  • Day 6: Ways to Increase Protein in the Shakes

3. Add to Your Blog

You can also use all of the content to add more posts to your blog. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Method 1: Just mix up all 16 articles and add them as blog posts that are combined with your current blog posts.
  • Method 2: Create a blog series with the protein shakes articles, then use the other blog posts as filler.
  • Method 3: Have some articles as blog posts, and other articles as an opt-in report or email series.

4. Create a Report to Sell

While the articles about protein shakes are in a report, you can do the same thing with the regular protein articles. These would go great in a report, which you can sell right on your blog, then use the protein shake articles as blog posts to get more traffic to your blog. Just make sure you customize the report for your own needs, and put your own name on it. This is part of the terms of using this PLR.

5. Start a New Niche Site

This is a good option if you don’t currently have a blog where the protein content would apply, but are still interested in it. You can create a new niche site either just about protein, just protein shakes, or possibly combining protein in your diet and fitness. You can use all 16 articles as blog posts to get the blog started, or use the report, then the other 10 protein articles as blog posts. There are so many different directions to go! Plus, this allows you to really promote the protein shake powders, blenders, ingredients, and lots more for this content. Here are a few domains I found, but there are tons more:

  • Bulkupwithprotein.com
  • Increaseyourprotein.com
  • Getyourproteinon.com

Get This Related Content For 50% Off

Don’t forget that when you use my link to grab April’s Protein PLR Bundle, you will also get a 50% off coupon for my store. It is for your entire cart, so it’s a great deal! I have some packs in my store you can use along with the protein content that I think would go great. Here are a few recommendations:

Fitness Articles 

Getting Fit at Home Report 

Clean Eating PLR Pack 

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 

Barre Workouts 

Instant Pot Cooking Tips 

Men’s Health PLR 

Paleo Meal Planning Bundle 

I hope this helped you to use your new Protein PLR content! Let me know if you have any more questions.


Natural Healing PLR Club Membership – FAQ

I have started a new monthly PLR membership called Natural Healing PLR Club. This will be centered around all natural health topics, with a new topic covered each month.

Every month, you get:

  • 20 Articles
  • 20 Social Media Graphics
  • Short Report w/cover
  • Long Report w/cover
  • 10 Autoresponders
  • 5 Product Reviews

That is a minimum of 50 pages of written content, plus at least 20 graphics. It is only $19 now through February 6th, then goes up in price to just $29. I wanted to put together an FAQ in case you had some questions about this membership or the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the membership content also included in your lifetime membership?
No, unfortunately it is not. The lifetime membership is for all content in the store, which includes the 2 packs and big bundle every week, plus full content funnels associated with Health & Wellness PLR (coming in February). I will continue adding the same amount of content to the store for you, but this new monthly membership is a different PLR site.
2. Can I cancel the membership if I don’t like it?
Yes! If you choose the monthly option and decide later down the line you don’t need the content anymore, you can cancel the membership through JVZoo. They make it super easy, but let me know if you need help canceling. However, once you pay for the month you are in and have received the content, you can’t get a refund for that month. 
3. When do I get the content for the next month?
You will receive the content for this first month (February) right away after you purchase the membership. All following months are delivered to you within the first week of each month. I will email you when it is ready.
4. If I wait to sign up, will I have access to content from previous months?
No, I’m sorry but you will only get access to that current month. So if you decide to wait until March to sign up, you will only have content from March and all months after that. You will not be able to get the February detox membership content.
​​​​​​​5. How do I know what the quality of the writing is?
I write all of the content for the membership, just like I write all of the content for Health & Wellness PLR. If you have ever purchased PLR content from me before, you know the quality of writing. However, if you are a new subscriber, you can download any of the free PLR from my store and take a look at my writing style before purchasing.
6. Do you offer refunds?
No, the PLR terms for the membership are the same as my other PLR. Once you purchase the current month’s content, there are no refunds allowed.
Click here if you are ready to buy the Natural Healing PLR Club membership.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!

New Plant-Based PLR Package (Bonus Details Included)



Hello Friends!

I wanted to tell you about an awesome PLR package that was released a few days ago by Kate Rieger. I love her packages because it combined high-quality written content with multi-media content so that you have everything you need to promote products with the PLR.

The newest one is called Four Part Plant-Based Diets, and includes everything from an eBook and quality PLR articles, to images, social media images, eBook cover, and lots more.

You can get all of the details about the PLR package by clicking here.

To give you some more content with this topic, I also wrote 10 brand new PLR articles about following a plant-based, vegan diet. All of these articles are new and will never appear in my store or anywhere else online. The only way you can these articles is buying Kate’s PLR package through my link. Since they are exclusive, not many people will have them, so you won’t have to customize them too much to be unique.

They can be used as blog posts, turned into an autoresponder email series, or combined into a report to use as an opt-in. Plus, they include trending topics like jackfruit and power bowls.

Here are the 10 PLR articles you will get as an exclusive bonus:

1. Why Every New Vegan Should Eat Jackfruit (424 words)
2. 5 Power Bowls to Add to Your Diet (532 words)
3. 3 Ways For Dealing With Cravings on a Vegan Diet (423 words)
4. Meal Planning Tips For New Vegans (458 words)
5. How to Save Money On a Plant-Based Diet (428 words)
6. 3 Protein Rich Overnight Oat Recipes (435 words)
7. 4 Vegetarian Family Friendly Freezer Dinners (575 words)
8. Starting Your Toddler On a Raw Plant-Based Diet (530 words)
9. Grab and Go Porteins For Vegetarians and Vegans (457 words)
10. Sources of Iron For a Plant-based Diet (462 words)

Check out what is included in the plant-based PLR package here, and enjoy your free bonus articles!


Top PLR Sites



Hello Friends! Here are some of my personal recommendations for buying PLR. I want everyone to have the content they need, so if you can’t find what you need here in my store, there are lots of other great places to get it!

All of these I personally vouch for as they consistently produce quality PLR content. Plus, lots of them have free PLR, so yay!

Niche Starter Packs – Mixed PLR Topics, including Family, Parenting, Health

Recommended PLR:

Superfoods PLR

Weight Loss Report PLR

Gardening For Depression


BuyPLRTodayHealth, Lifestyle, Self Improvement, Business

Recommended PLR:

Journal PLR Pack

Health Fit Club Membership

Slow Cooker PLR Articles


KitchenBloggersCooking, Recipes, Includes Professional Recipe Photos

Recommended PLR:

Juicing For Better Health

Mega Food PLR Pack

Monthly Food and Photo Club


MasterPLRHealth, Wellness, and Beauty

Recommended PLR:

Low Carb Diet PLR Pack

Monthly PLR Membership

Essential Oils PLR Package


Tribe BloomHealth, Dieting, Fitness, Includes Video and Audio

Recommended PLR:

Yoga PLR

All Access Pass

Free Weekly Social Graphics


BuyHealthPLRHealth, Wellness, Dieting, Fitness, Mental Health

Recommended PLR:

Gluten Free PLR Pack

Body Detox PLR

Migraine Mega PLR


List MagnetsBusiness, Social Media, Health, Self Help

Recommended PLR:

Secrets to a Healthier You

Meditation For Focus

12 Daily Habits


WholeFoodPLRWhole food, Keto, Paleo Diets

Recommended PLR:

Paleo For Weight Loss

Whole Food Basics

Paleo For Beginners


Content ShortcutsMultiple Topics, Including Health, Family, Toys, LIfestyle, Business

Recommended PLR:

Clean Eating For Normal People

Relaxation For Stress Relief

Core Fitness Challenge Mega Pack


Piggy Makes BankHealth, Food, Multiple Topics

Recommended PLR:

Preserving the Harvest PLR

Lean Protein For Weight Loss

Sugar Detox PLR


Amazon Products You Can Promote With YOGA PLR


Let’s talk YOGA PLR!

Today’s email (you can opt in here), talked all about the top Yoga PLR packs and bundles from my favorite PLR sellers. If you have a health, wellness, fitness, or weight loss blog, then you definitely want to check some of these out. What I noticed is that it is actually hard to find good yoga PLR. I will be posting a new yoga PLR bundle in the store in the coming weeks, but until then, I wanted to provide you with some other great resources. The list is below:

Yoga PLR From the Top Sellers

Rachel (WholeFoodPLR) – Yoga For the Whole Food Vegan

Use Coupon: YogaLove to save $10!

Kate Rieger – Kundalini Yoga PLR Package

Master PLR – Yoga Articles, Infographics and Tweets

Content Shortcuts – Top 10 Yoga Benefits

Content Shortcuts – Relaxation for Stress Relief

Tribe Bloom – Yoga PLR

Tribe Bloom – 5 Bikram Yoga PLR Articles

Tribe Bloom – 23 HD Yoga Exercise Videos


I also wanted to give you an idea of the products you can promote. Below is a list of 20 of the top-rated and most popular yoga-related products on Amazon.

Top 20 Yoga Products on Amazon

1. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel – https://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Mate-Skidless-Absorbent-Microfiber/dp/B00RJ97FTY

2. Peace Yoga Foam Exercise Blocks – https://www.amazon.com/Peace-Yoga-Foam-Exercise-Blocks-Turquoise/dp/B019YJQOI4

3. The Yoga Bible – https://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Bible-Christina-Brown/dp/1582972427

4. Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks – https://www.amazon.com/Gaiam-Grippy-Toeless-Medium-Heather/dp/B008EADJPG

5. Yoga Therapy For Back Pain – https://www.amazon.com/Therapy-Stress-Relief-Kanta-Barrios/dp/B004W0EP8M

6. Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray – https://www.amazon.com/Mind-Over-Lather-Lavender-Mint/dp/B010FWN1FI

7. Sukhi Yoga Strap – https://www.amazon.com/Sukhi-Yoga-Stretching-Improving-Flexibility/dp/B010U4UMKI

8. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set – https://www.amazon.com/Sivan-6-Piece-Ultra-Exercise-Blocks/dp/B016CKO30Y

9. Ohm Store Yoga Singing Bowl Set – https://www.amazon.com/Ohm-Store-Tibetan-Meditation-Singing/dp/B01A6B0ICC

10. Non-Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks – https://www.amazon.com/Slip-Pilates-Socks-Grips-Cotton/dp/B00HIR58SC

11. Yoga Anatomy Second Edition – https://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Anatomy-2nd-Leslie-Kaminoff/dp/1450400248

12. How to Yoga Coffee Mug – https://www.amazon.com/How-Coffee-Coaster-Unemployed-Philosophers/dp/B015RMY9UW

13. Yoga Reiki Prayer Stones – https://www.amazon.com/JOVIVI-Chakras-Gemstone-Bracelet-Stones/dp/B018FUUBJQ

14. SYourself Yoga Towel – https://www.amazon.com/Syourself-Yoga-Towel-72-x24-Soft-Perfect/dp/B01LXY0OG5

15. Wacces Yoga Wheel – https://www.amazon.com/Wacces-Stretching-Comfortable-Backbends-Flexibility/dp/B01CRGNHP4

16. Trevida Yoga Cushion – https://www.amazon.com/Trevida-Burgundy-Organic-Buckwheat-Meditation/dp/B0182X9VEW

17. Reehut Yoga Blocks – https://www.amazon.com/Reehut-2-PC-Yoga-Blocks-Flexibility/dp/B01G35V02W

18. 90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pants – https://www.amazon.com/90-Degree-Reflex-Power-Pants/dp/B00IDHFZHA

19. Black Mountain Stability Ball – https://www.amazon.com/Black-Mountain-Ball-Purple-75cm/dp/B00K5VUQOY

20. Yoga Over 50 DVD – https://www.amazon.com/Yoga-over-50-8-Routines/dp/B00ADO9C9I

You can also download the PDF version of this list by clicking here.

Lots of Free PLR to Download



Want some free PLR? Me too!

If you are like me, you love free stuff! That is why I wanted to give you some resources for grabbing free PLR. Not only do you get some free content you can customize and add to your blog, website, or emails, but it also lets you see the quality that these PLR sellers produce. It is a great way to test out their PLR before you make a purchase.

All of the following links go to free PLR from that seller. I have only included the top PLR sellers who provide quality writing and that I personally vouch for.

* I also have a FREE PLR section at Health & Wellness PLR, but I am not going to list the packs individually. You can see all 10 of them here. I usually post something new to the section every week.


Free Crossfit PLR Pack

30-Day PLR Challenge


Free Anti-Aging PLR

Free Pregnancy Health PLR

Free Sun Safety PLR

Master PLR:

Free Health PLR

Tribe Bloom:

Free Weekly Social Graphics

Piggy Makes Bank:

Back to School Lunch PLR

Free Walking For Fitness PLR

Free Creating Habits PLR

List Magnets:

Free Self Improvement Tips PLR

30 Tips For Choosing Healthy Fats

5 Free Veggie Recipes With Photos

Whole Food PLR:

Free Paleo PLR


Happy Downloading!



Ways to Use Journaling PLR



One of the top trending topics of 2016 was journaling, and it isn’t ending there. In 2017, I think I saw more people mentioning using journals and planners for their resolutions than ever before. If you are an internet marketer looking to promote TOP products, then journaling is definitely a micro-niche to check out. Here are some different ways you can take advantage of journaling PLR, which is going to provide quality content written for you that you just need to customize and add to your blog.

Add More Posts to Your Blog

First of all, you can use your journaling PLR to add more posts to your blog. You already know that to have a successful blog, you not only need to add posts regularly, but quality content. Here at Health & Wellness PLR, we have a big Journaling PLR Bundle that includes everything you need to get started. The bundle includes 15 articles, a report, images, and social media posts all ready to go.

If you purchased this bundle, you could use the 15 articles to start adding posts to your blog, as well as incorporating the report as well. Break up the report into more blog posts, or use the articles for the posts, and the report as an opt-in.

Create a Content Upgrade Report

Content upgrade reports allow you to add a report to your opt-in, so that when someone signs up for your list, they get access to the free report. It is a great way to get more subscribers on your list, which is an integral part of internet marketing.

Sue at BuyPLRToday has a great Journaling PLR Pack that comes with an 11-page report called Joy of Journaling. This report is the perfect content upgrade for you. It already comes with an eCover you can edit and 12 Word templates, as well as other bonus content. Grab the Journaling report, customize it and edit so that it is unique, and give it away to your subscribers. Trust me – they will love it!  This can also be a free gift to people currently on your list, as well as an opt-in for new subscribers. People LOVE free stuff.

Turn it Into a Autoresponder Series

If you have not been taking advantage of creating autoresponders, there is no better time to do it. You can have an entire series that people opt-in to, where you send some of the journaling PLR you have picked up. It is really easy to post a new journaling PLR article on your blog, then have a link to your opt-in where they can read more about this topic through the autoresponders.

When you do this, you have lots of opportunities to promote products like journals, art supplies, pens and pencils, planners, and similar products.

For example, you can create an autoresponder series that talks about a specific type of journaling.  April at Niche Starter Packs has a pack that includes 10 articles about Bullet Journaling. You can use these as an email series or even put them together to create a challenge.

Recommended Niches For Journaling PLR

Keep in mind that there are actually a lot more niches that journaling fits in than just journaling itself. Here is a look at some of the niches that you can use journaling PLR with:

Mental health – Naturally, journaling PLR is perfect if you are in the mental health niche, particularly with stress, anxiety, and depression topics.

Weight loss – Journaling is often recommended for people who are losing weight, as it helps them track their water intake, diet, fitness, and more.

Self-Improvement – If you have a blog about general wellness and self-improvement, you can use some of these PLR articles to talk about the benefits and how journaling helps with self-discovery and awareness.

Business and Finance – Yep, there are even niches out of health that journaling PLR works with! If you have a finance blog, recommend starting a bullet journal as people can easily keep track of their personal and business finances with it.

DIY – Journaling PLR is great for DIY blogs and websites, as many people enjoy being creative with their journals.

Have fun with the topic of journaling and think outside the box to really let it help you promote and provide quality content to your readers at the same time.


New Journaling PLR With My Bonus


Hello Friends!

I wanted to quickly tell you about a new Journaling PLR pack by Sue at BuyPLRToday.

The Journaling PLR pack includes an 11-page report, editable ecovers, a Powerpoint eBook, 12 Word templates for the journal, and more bonus content.

Plus, Sue was gracious enough to give you guys a coupon for it. If you enter coupon code JENNJOURNAL, you will get $5 off the pack until the 5th. Make sure you order it before then to save.

My Bonus: This is the biggest bonus I have ever done (with brand new content), so definitely take advantage of it. When you buy Sue’s new Journaling Pack with my link, you will receive 10 New Journaling PLR Articles.

These are exclusive for this bonus only, so they never appear in my store and are not included in the Lifetime Membership. You have the opportunity to be one of the first and only people to use them for your blog. The Bonus articles include:

  1. Tips For Starting an Art Journal
  2. How to Track Your Mental Health With Journaling
  3. Types of Lists to Put in Your Bullet Journal
  4. What is a Vision Journal?
  5. Develop a Journaling Routine for Better Motivation
  6. Throw a Journaling Party For Your Friends
  7. The Power of a Mindfulness Journal
  8. Use Your Journal For Meal Planning
  9. Start a Weight Loss Journal
  10. Why You Should Keep To-Do Lists in Your Journal

I hope you enjoy her Journaling PLR pack!


PLR Roundup of Diet PLR



If you are looking for new PLR in the diet or nutrition niche, it can be difficult when you have to navigate a long list of PLR sites. I have compiled some top-notch PLR packs and bundles from some of the most reputable sellers. Not only do you know you are getting high-quality PLR, but the list makes it easy to pick and choose the diet topics you are looking for.

Niche Starter Packs 

Paleo Meal Ideas

Dieting on a Budget

Smoothie Bowls

Piggy Makes Bank

Intermittent Fasting

Sugar Detox

Clean Eating


Paleo Diet PLR

Low Carb Living PLR

Whole Food PLR 

Paleo For Beginners

Paleo New Year

Paleo For Weight loss

Master PLR 

Low-Carb Diet PLR Pack

Paleo Diet PLR Package

Buy Health PLR 

Gluten-Free PLR Pack

Content Shortcuts

Sugar-Free For Weight Loss

Plant Based Diets Bundle

Clean Eating PLR

Health & Wellness PLR (ME!)

I also have a few diet-related PLR packs and bundles you might be interested in.

Clean Eating PLR Pack

21-Day Fix PLR Bundle

Keto Diet 101

Paleo Meal Planning




Start the Year Off Right With Journaling PLR




Happy Almost-Holidays! I have some new health PLR for you at Health & Wellness PLR. This time it is a big PLR bundle all about Journaling.

I love to release these bundles because I get to be creative and add tons of content. The bundle is on sale for $10 just until Tuesday, December 27th, then it goes up to its original price. It is an amazing deal if you can get it now.

The Journaling PLR Bundle includes:

15 Articles

5-Page Report w/Cover

15 Images

15 Tweets

15 Facebook Posts

Here is a look at the articles and report included in the bundle:

15 Journaling Articles

1. The Health Benefits of Writing in a Journal (471 words)
2. Fun Journaling Prompts to get Started (419 words)
3. 5 Different Types of Journals (532 words)
4. 4 Tips For Using a Journal to Lose Weight and Get Fit (533 words)
5. How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Goals (375 words)
6. 4 Tips For Keeping a Travel Journal (450 words)
7. Tips for Motivating Yourself to Keep Journaling (497 words)
8. What is a Happiness Journal? (432 words)
9. Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Journal With Others (450 words)
10. Why You Should Start a Gratitude Journal (463 words)
11. What is Bullet Journaling? (462 words)
12. How Journals Can Be a Lifesaver to Anxiety Sufferers (462 words)
13. Why Journaling is Good For Mental Health (403 words)
14. Ways to Make Your Journal Pretty (456 words)
15. Questions to Answer in Your Journal (450 words)

Report: How to Organize Your Life With Bullet Journaling

5 pages, 3 sections, 2,204 words

1. Intro to Bullet Journaling
2. Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal
3. 5 Steps to Starting a Bullet Journal

Recommended Products to Promote

I have also put together a list of 5 Amazon products (these are not affiliate links) you can promote with this journaling PLR bundle. Take a look:

1. Faber-Castell Mixed Media Kit
2. Northbooks Journal 
3. Start Where You Are – Journaling Book 
4. Vintage Leather Notebook Journal 
5. Journaling Prompts

Check out the new Journaling PLR Bundle here and try to grab it while it is on sale.