Amazon Products You Can Promote With YOGA PLR


Let’s talk YOGA PLR!

Today’s email (you can opt in here), talked all about the top Yoga PLR packs and bundles from my favorite PLR sellers. If you have a health, wellness, fitness, or weight loss blog, then you definitely want to check some of these out. What I noticed is that it is actually hard to find good yoga PLR. I will be posting a new yoga PLR bundle in the store in the coming weeks, but until then, I wanted to provide you with some other great resources. The list is below:

Yoga PLR From the Top Sellers

Rachel (WholeFoodPLR) – Yoga For the Whole Food Vegan

Use Coupon: YogaLove to save $10!

Kate Rieger – Kundalini Yoga PLR Package

Master PLR – Yoga Articles, Infographics and Tweets

Content Shortcuts – Top 10 Yoga Benefits

Content Shortcuts – Relaxation for Stress Relief

Tribe Bloom – Yoga PLR

Tribe Bloom – 5 Bikram Yoga PLR Articles

Tribe Bloom – 23 HD Yoga Exercise Videos


I also wanted to give you an idea of the products you can promote. Below is a list of 20 of the top-rated and most popular yoga-related products on Amazon.

Top 20 Yoga Products on Amazon

1. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel –

2. Peace Yoga Foam Exercise Blocks –

3. The Yoga Bible –

4. Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks –

5. Yoga Therapy For Back Pain –

6. Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray –

7. Sukhi Yoga Strap –

8. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set –

9. Ohm Store Yoga Singing Bowl Set –

10. Non-Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks –

11. Yoga Anatomy Second Edition –

12. How to Yoga Coffee Mug –

13. Yoga Reiki Prayer Stones –

14. SYourself Yoga Towel –

15. Wacces Yoga Wheel –

16. Trevida Yoga Cushion –

17. Reehut Yoga Blocks –

18. 90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pants –

19. Black Mountain Stability Ball –

20. Yoga Over 50 DVD –

You can also download the PDF version of this list by clicking here.

Lots of Free PLR to Download



Want some free PLR? Me too!

If you are like me, you love free stuff! That is why I wanted to give you some resources for grabbing free PLR. Not only do you get some free content you can customize and add to your blog, website, or emails, but it also lets you see the quality that these PLR sellers produce. It is a great way to test out their PLR before you make a purchase.

All of the following links go to free PLR from that seller. I have only included the top PLR sellers who provide quality writing and that I personally vouch for.

* I also have a FREE PLR section at Health & Wellness PLR, but I am not going to list the packs individually. You can see all 10 of them here. I usually post something new to the section every week.


Free Crossfit PLR Pack

30-Day PLR Challenge


Free Anti-Aging PLR

Free Pregnancy Health PLR

Free Sun Safety PLR

Master PLR:

Free Health PLR

Tribe Bloom:

Free Weekly Social Graphics

Piggy Makes Bank:

Back to School Lunch PLR

Free Walking For Fitness PLR

Free Creating Habits PLR

List Magnets:

Free Self Improvement Tips PLR

30 Tips For Choosing Healthy Fats

5 Free Veggie Recipes With Photos

Whole Food PLR:

Free Paleo PLR


Happy Downloading!



Ways to Use Journaling PLR



One of the top trending topics of 2016 was journaling, and it isn’t ending there. In 2017, I think I saw more people mentioning using journals and planners for their resolutions than ever before. If you are an internet marketer looking to promote TOP products, then journaling is definitely a micro-niche to check out. Here are some different ways you can take advantage of journaling PLR, which is going to provide quality content written for you that you just need to customize and add to your blog.

Add More Posts to Your Blog

First of all, you can use your journaling PLR to add more posts to your blog. You already know that to have a successful blog, you not only need to add posts regularly, but quality content. Here at Health & Wellness PLR, we have a big Journaling PLR Bundle that includes everything you need to get started. The bundle includes 15 articles, a report, images, and social media posts all ready to go.

If you purchased this bundle, you could use the 15 articles to start adding posts to your blog, as well as incorporating the report as well. Break up the report into more blog posts, or use the articles for the posts, and the report as an opt-in.

Create a Content Upgrade Report

Content upgrade reports allow you to add a report to your opt-in, so that when someone signs up for your list, they get access to the free report. It is a great way to get more subscribers on your list, which is an integral part of internet marketing.

Sue at BuyPLRToday has a great Journaling PLR Pack that comes with an 11-page report called Joy of Journaling. This report is the perfect content upgrade for you. It already comes with an eCover you can edit and 12 Word templates, as well as other bonus content. Grab the Journaling report, customize it and edit so that it is unique, and give it away to your subscribers. Trust me – they will love it!  This can also be a free gift to people currently on your list, as well as an opt-in for new subscribers. People LOVE free stuff.

Turn it Into a Autoresponder Series

If you have not been taking advantage of creating autoresponders, there is no better time to do it. You can have an entire series that people opt-in to, where you send some of the journaling PLR you have picked up. It is really easy to post a new journaling PLR article on your blog, then have a link to your opt-in where they can read more about this topic through the autoresponders.

When you do this, you have lots of opportunities to promote products like journals, art supplies, pens and pencils, planners, and similar products.

For example, you can create an autoresponder series that talks about a specific type of journaling.  April at Niche Starter Packs has a pack that includes 10 articles about Bullet Journaling. You can use these as an email series or even put them together to create a challenge.

Recommended Niches For Journaling PLR

Keep in mind that there are actually a lot more niches that journaling fits in than just journaling itself. Here is a look at some of the niches that you can use journaling PLR with:

Mental health – Naturally, journaling PLR is perfect if you are in the mental health niche, particularly with stress, anxiety, and depression topics.

Weight loss – Journaling is often recommended for people who are losing weight, as it helps them track their water intake, diet, fitness, and more.

Self-Improvement – If you have a blog about general wellness and self-improvement, you can use some of these PLR articles to talk about the benefits and how journaling helps with self-discovery and awareness.

Business and Finance – Yep, there are even niches out of health that journaling PLR works with! If you have a finance blog, recommend starting a bullet journal as people can easily keep track of their personal and business finances with it.

DIY – Journaling PLR is great for DIY blogs and websites, as many people enjoy being creative with their journals.

Have fun with the topic of journaling and think outside the box to really let it help you promote and provide quality content to your readers at the same time.


New Journaling PLR With My Bonus


Hello Friends!

I wanted to quickly tell you about a new Journaling PLR pack by Sue at BuyPLRToday.

The Journaling PLR pack includes an 11-page report, editable ecovers, a Powerpoint eBook, 12 Word templates for the journal, and more bonus content.

Plus, Sue was gracious enough to give you guys a coupon for it. If you enter coupon code JENNJOURNAL, you will get $5 off the pack until the 5th. Make sure you order it before then to save.

My Bonus: This is the biggest bonus I have ever done (with brand new content), so definitely take advantage of it. When you buy Sue’s new Journaling Pack with my link, you will receive 10 New Journaling PLR Articles.

These are exclusive for this bonus only, so they never appear in my store and are not included in the Lifetime Membership. You have the opportunity to be one of the first and only people to use them for your blog. The Bonus articles include:

  1. Tips For Starting an Art Journal
  2. How to Track Your Mental Health With Journaling
  3. Types of Lists to Put in Your Bullet Journal
  4. What is a Vision Journal?
  5. Develop a Journaling Routine for Better Motivation
  6. Throw a Journaling Party For Your Friends
  7. The Power of a Mindfulness Journal
  8. Use Your Journal For Meal Planning
  9. Start a Weight Loss Journal
  10. Why You Should Keep To-Do Lists in Your Journal

I hope you enjoy her Journaling PLR pack!


PLR Roundup of Diet PLR



If you are looking for new PLR in the diet or nutrition niche, it can be difficult when you have to navigate a long list of PLR sites. I have compiled some top-notch PLR packs and bundles from some of the most reputable sellers. Not only do you know you are getting high-quality PLR, but the list makes it easy to pick and choose the diet topics you are looking for.

Niche Starter Packs 

Paleo Meal Ideas

Dieting on a Budget

Smoothie Bowls

Piggy Makes Bank

Intermittent Fasting

Sugar Detox

Clean Eating


Paleo Diet PLR

Low Carb Living PLR

Whole Food PLR 

Paleo For Beginners

Paleo New Year

Paleo For Weight loss

Master PLR 

Low-Carb Diet PLR Pack

Paleo Diet PLR Package

Buy Health PLR 

Gluten-Free PLR Pack

Content Shortcuts

Sugar-Free For Weight Loss

Plant Based Diets Bundle

Clean Eating PLR

Health & Wellness PLR (ME!)

I also have a few diet-related PLR packs and bundles you might be interested in.

Clean Eating PLR Pack

21-Day Fix PLR Bundle

Keto Diet 101

Paleo Meal Planning




Start the Year Off Right With Journaling PLR




Happy Almost-Holidays! I have some new health PLR for you at Health & Wellness PLR. This time it is a big PLR bundle all about Journaling.

I love to release these bundles because I get to be creative and add tons of content. The bundle is on sale for $10 just until Tuesday, December 27th, then it goes up to its original price. It is an amazing deal if you can get it now.

The Journaling PLR Bundle includes:

15 Articles

5-Page Report w/Cover

15 Images

15 Tweets

15 Facebook Posts

Here is a look at the articles and report included in the bundle:

15 Journaling Articles

1. The Health Benefits of Writing in a Journal (471 words)
2. Fun Journaling Prompts to get Started (419 words)
3. 5 Different Types of Journals (532 words)
4. 4 Tips For Using a Journal to Lose Weight and Get Fit (533 words)
5. How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Goals (375 words)
6. 4 Tips For Keeping a Travel Journal (450 words)
7. Tips for Motivating Yourself to Keep Journaling (497 words)
8. What is a Happiness Journal? (432 words)
9. Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Journal With Others (450 words)
10. Why You Should Start a Gratitude Journal (463 words)
11. What is Bullet Journaling? (462 words)
12. How Journals Can Be a Lifesaver to Anxiety Sufferers (462 words)
13. Why Journaling is Good For Mental Health (403 words)
14. Ways to Make Your Journal Pretty (456 words)
15. Questions to Answer in Your Journal (450 words)

Report: How to Organize Your Life With Bullet Journaling

5 pages, 3 sections, 2,204 words

1. Intro to Bullet Journaling
2. Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal
3. 5 Steps to Starting a Bullet Journal

Recommended Products to Promote

I have also put together a list of 5 Amazon products (these are not affiliate links) you can promote with this journaling PLR bundle. Take a look:

1. Faber-Castell Mixed Media Kit
2. Northbooks Journal 
3. Start Where You Are – Journaling Book 
4. Vintage Leather Notebook Journal 
5. Journaling Prompts

Check out the new Journaling PLR Bundle here and try to grab it while it is on sale.

Top Fertility-Related Amazon Products to Promote



I just added a new PLR pack to the store all about Boosting Fertility, so I thought I would give you some products recommendations you can promote. While all links included here are for Amazon products, many of them can be found at other retailers with their own affiliate programs.

All products listed are perfect to go with this PLR pack, but also just to promote fertility and infertility content in general. It includes a combination of products for men and women, those who are just starting to conceive, and couples having difficulty getting pregnant.


Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements

Fertilaid For Women

Fertilaid For Men

Organic Fertility Tea

First Response Multivitamin

Vitex Fertility Tea

Maca For Fertility

Nature Made Folic Acid


Conception Tools

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Pre-seed Personal Lubricant

Clearblue Ovulation Tests

Fertility Aromatherapy Candle

Kimmidol Fertility Doll

Basal Body Thermometer


Fertility Books and Tests

Restoring Fertility

Making Babies

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

SpermCheck Fertility Test For Men


These are not affiliate links.

New Health PLR Added This Week

Hello Friends!

I wanted to let you know about some new health PLR that was added to the store this week. I have been busy adding PLR regularly, including one big bundle and 2 packs each week, including a free PLR (coming on Sunday, 12/18). This has been great for the store because it lets me provide a variety of new topics every few days with small and larger PLR packs, the big bundles, reports, and of course some free PLR as my gift to you.

This past week, I released the following PLR packs and bundles:

Men’s Health PLR Pack

This is an 8-pack of PLR articles all about improving men’s health. It covers regular diet and fitness tips, encourages men to try yoga, talks about herbs and supplements, and even goes over the benefits of Saw Palmetto.

Click here to see the list of topics in the Men’s Health PLR pack.

21-Day Fix PLR Bundle

The big PLR bundle this week was all about the 21-Day Fix. As always, it includes 15 articles, a 5-page report w/report cover, 15 images, 15 Tweets, and 15 Facebook posts. This bundle is the same price as the rest, but also included a bonus 5 product reviews for Amazon products. I am not going to include everything in the bundle, but here is a look at the articles included:

1. What is the 21-day Fix? (404 words)
2. Why You Should Try the 21-Day Fix (409 words)
3. What You Need to Start the 21-Day Fix (410 words)
4. Tips For Starting the 21-Day Fix Workout Program (396 words)
5. The 21-Day Fix Diet (425 words)
6. What Is Included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program? (411 words)
7. Coping with Double Work Out Days (458 words)
8. Meal Prep For the 21-Day Fix Diet Plan (417 words)
9. Guide to Freezing Your Food Ahead of Time (418 words)
10. How to Lower Your Grocery Bill (422 words)
11. Simple Grocery List For the 21-Day Fix Diet (572 words)
12. Wake Up to These 21-Day Fix Breakfasts (413 words)
13. Try These 21-Day Fix Snacks and Desserts (405 words)
14. Quick and Easy 21-Day Fix Lunches (440 words)
15. Healthy and Filling 21-Day Fix Dinners (473 words)

Get all of these articles, plus a PLR report, images, reviews, and social media posts by clicking here.

Leaky Gut PLR Pack

Gut health is a topic in health that always seems to be trending. I was browsing Pinterest this week and noticed that it was the TOP trending topic on multiple days. This is major news for marketers. If you like to promote health products, I highly recommend covering gut health. This is why I came up with a small 5-pack of articles all about Leaky Gut. Here is a look at what the pack offers:

1. What is Leaky Gut? (430 words)
2. Easy Ways to Improve Gut Health (437 words)
3. Top Supplements For Leaky Gut (439 words)
4. Signs You Have Leaky Gut (489 words)
5. Healthy Foods For Leaky Gut (431 words)

Get the Leaky Gut PLR pack for just $5.

Honey For Health PLR Pack

This PLR pack is perfect for those of you in the natural or holistic health niche. It includes 10 PLR articles that cover the health benefits of raw honey, and also mention bee pollen and its benefits. The PLR articles can be used as blog posts, put into a report or eBook, or used to send as individual emails in a series for your list. Plus, there is a lot you can promote at Amazon and other retailers just with this pack.

Check out the topics included in the Honey For Health PLR Pack by clicking here.

Anti-Aging Outlines

Last on the lsit for this week is a small (and cheap!) set of PLR outlines. These are great because you save money on them and are given all the titles and sections of each article. You simply need to fill in the blanks. I also provide a little info under each header section in the outlines so you know what to write about in that section.

You can get the 10 Anti-Aging Outlines for just $3.

If you want to know about my PLR on a daily basis, you can opt-in to my mailing list and also get a 15% off coupon.

Lifetime Pass Membership: Frequently Asked Questions




As you might already know, I added a Lifetime Pass Membership to the Health & Wellness PLR store. This membership allows you to get access to everything in the store now, and everything in the store in the future, for one low price.

The product page for the membership does have an FAQ section, but since it has been released, I have had more specific questions regarding the membership and how it works. So here are some more FAQs for you:

Will the free PLR be listed?

Yes! The free PLR is always listed on the membership page, so you can download those quick and easy.

How quickly do you add new content to the membership page?

Immediately. As soon as content is added to the store, it is added immediately to your membership page. By the time you see content or get notice of new PLR content in the daily email sent out, it is already available to download.

How can I be notified when you have new content?

The best way to be notified of new PLR content is to sign up for my mailing list, which you can access on the sidebar of I send out daily emails and always include all new content that is added to the store. You can also log-in on your membership page, and see the most recent content at the top of the page.

I purchased the membership, but haven’t received access. Now what?

You should have gotten an email with information for accessing the membership page. Try checking your spam folder first. If you signed up for an account before or during the purchase, it is accessible by logging into your account. If you still can’t find it, email me with a copy of your receipt and I will get it to you right away.

Visit the Lifetime Pass Membership page to view the full list of FAQs.


How to Use the Dry Skin Brushing PLR



A couple weeks ago, I was looking up natural remedies for improving your skin, and I came across dry skin brushing. I haven’t actually tried this before, but it looked interesting. Then I thought it might be good as PLR for anyone with an audience interesting in natural remedies. It isn’t just good for your skin, but the act of brushing the skin with a dry (soft bristled) brush can relieve stress and has a host of other benefits.

The PLR pack I put in the store includes the following 5 article topics:

What is Dry Skin Brushing? (473 words)
Benefits of Dry Brushing (406 words)
How to Do Dry Skin Brushing (462 words)
When to Do Dry Skin Brushing (428 words)
Important Skin Brushing Tips (541 words)

Ideas For Using This Pack

There are a few ways I thought you could use this PLR pack. The first way is to use the articles for posts on your blog. You can either do a blog series, where you post one article on each day of the week Monday through Friday, or you can combine some of them together into just 2-3 longer blog posts.

Another option is to create a report, which is perfect if you like to promote natural health remedies. Make a short report with these articles or add some sections about DIY bath bombs or include some essential oils that would be perfect for a bath after doing the dry skin brushing routine. You can turn it into an entire Bathtime Natural Remedy Ritual.

Don’t forget about the email options. Similar to blog posts, you can use each article for a separate email in a series, or throw them all into a single email all about dry skin brushing.

Dry Skin Brushes to Promote

Here are a few high-rated brushes I found on Amazon you could promote. Of course, if you like to use another affiliate program that includes Target and Walmart, they definitely have some as well. (these are not affiliate links; just providing some good products for you to promote)

Let me know if you have any more questions about the Dry Skin Brushing PLR Pack or how it can be used!



Just Added: Lifetime Membership to Health & Wellness PLR



Hello Friends,

As you can see, Health & Wellness PLR is growing fast and adding new content on a regular basis. I thought this was a great time to start a Lifetime Membership. It is going to give you the opportunity to get access to everything in the PLR store now and forever. Here is a look inside what you get.

What the Lifetime Membership Is

As you can see, Health & Wellness PLR is growing fast and adding new content on a regular basis. I thought this was a great time to start a Lifetime Membership. It is going to give you the opportunity to get access to everything in the PLR store now and forever. Here is a look inside what you get.

Perks of Buying the Lifetime Membership:

  • You don’t have to wait for products to go on sale to get access.
  • You never have to use another coupon code again.
  • Products are always available to you, with unlimited downloads.
  • Free PLR is also listed on the membership page, making it easier to access them.

Why Should You Buy the Lifetime Membership Pass?

Easy, you save money! And I mean a lot of money. It not only gives you access to everything in the store now, but everything I release in the future. If you have been a subscriber for a while, you know that i release content regularly, so it really is a major savings.

The membership includes the big weekly bundles and full-content funnels as well. The free PLR is also listed on the membership page, so don’t worry about adding those to your cart and going through the whole checkout process. It is easier to grab them when you have the membership.

The price will go up. Another important reason to buy the Lifetime Membership now is because the price is going to go up. This is an introductory price that is only available for a limited time, so you save more now than you ever will in the future.

The Lifetime Membership product page has an FAQ that should answer any questions you might have, but definitely let me know if there is anything else you are curious or confused about!


What Can You Do With a PLR eBook?


A common question asked by people who are brand new to using PLR is what they can and can’t do with an eBook. There is actually a lot you can do with it! You can definitely keep it as an eBook after customizing it and use it that way, but breaking it up and using the content for a variety of other uses is also a great idea.

Note: You can’t take the eBook and sell it on Amazon, even if you edit it and customize it to be unique. This is against Amazon’s policies and will get you banned.

However, there are tons of ways to use an eBook, depending on what your needs and preferences are. Here are some suggestions:

Different Ways You Can Use a PLR eBook

Use it as a content upgrade – This is definitely one of the more popular options for using a PLR eBook. Customize the eBook so that it is unique and relevant to your niche, then use it as a free gift for your subscribers. You can either give it to your current subscribers as a bonus free gift, or use it as an opt-in upgrade to get more people to sign up for your email list.

Turn it into blog posts – Since eBooks tend to be on the longer side, usually 10,000+ words at least, they are ideal for using as blog posts. Similar to reports, you would just break it up by chapter or whatever makes sense, then use each chapter or section as a separate blog post. You can intersperse them with other content on your blog, or use it as a new blog series to encourage your readers to keep returning for the next part of the series.

Create a new email series – If you are looking for fresh content for your emails, then you can use the eBook as a new series. Follow the same concept as using them for blog posts by taking each section or chapter (if they are short chapters) and include them in an email series. Don’t forget to start with an introductory email to let your subscribers know what the series is about.

Use the content for your newsletters – In addition to having an email series based around the book, you can also simply use some of the content for your newsletters. Perhaps the eBook is about fitness and you run a health-related blog. You can take some excerpts from the book and use them to draft your emails, then use other sections for blog content.

Break it up into social media posts – Another way to use smaller parts of an eBook is to turn them into social media posts. There are a lot of ways to do this, but I recommend writing a blog post about one section of the eBook, writing an email that corresponds with it, and then using some excerpts from the book for a Facebook post that sends people to the blog post.

Use the eBook for your own book inspiration – If you really want to sell your own eBook about this topic, you can still use the PLR eBook as inspiration. You don’t want to use this actual book if selling it on Amazon, but it can give you some good ideas with how you want to write your own.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.