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Hello Bloggers! Jennifer Andersen here from Health & Wellness PLR.

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The natural health niche continues to dominate the health industry as a whole. More people are looking for natural and holistic ways to provide relief for everything from chronic pain to acne. The general consumer, the people you are promoting to, no longer wants to rely on harsh chemicals 100% of the time. This is where you come in.

Picture This...

As a blogger in the health niche, you probably do a good amount of research of what is currently trending. One day, you notice that all over Pinterest are re-pins of natural health products. People can't seem to get enough of them. You remember that you received the last month's worth of membership content with 50 pages of quality content for this very topic, so you customize it to fit your needs, post it to your blog, and suddenly have a great way to tap into this trend.

You have a unique opportunity to provide your readers and followers with high-quality, well-researched natural health content that is catering to your demographic. The content in the Natural Healing PLR Club gives you brand new PLR every single month that you can add to your blog, turn into reports or eBooks, have an email series or challenge, and even post images to Pinterest or Instagram to get more visitors to your website.

But maybe you're not in the health industry.. why do you want this PLR?

​Natural health content works for so many industries, not just health itself. Whether you are in the relationship niche and want to tell people how to lose weight or improve their natural beauty with detoxing, or you like to promote products that help other business owners and want to show them how taking care of their health can actually improve your business, you can make it work for you. Plus, don't forget about how well many of the natural health products and content help with stress, which is something everyone struggles with.

Keep reading to find out how the Natural Healing PLR Club membership can benefit you.

Summary of the Monthly PLR Membership

When you buy the Natural Healing PLR Membership, you get access to brand new PLR in the natural health niche every single month. You get the content delivered within the first week of the month, so you are ready to go with your regular blogging or autoresponder schedule. 

Here is a look at what you get every month:

  • 25 Articles on the Chosen Topic
  • 20 Social Media Graphics to Go With the Articles
  • Short Report - 5+ Pages, Includes a Report Cover
  • Long Report - 10+ Pages, Includes a Report Cover
  • 10 Autoresponders

Each Month Has a Different Theme

Every month, a different 'theme' is chosen for the Natural Healing PLR Club membership. This theme will be a particular topic within the natural health niche that pertains to that month or time of the year. For Maythe topic is Juice & Smoothies.

May: Juice & Smoothies

Here is a look at the content you will get this month with your Natural Healing PLR Club membership.

  • 25 PLR Articles About Making Juice & Smoothies
  • 25 Social Media Graphics to Complement the Articles
  • 5-Page Report - Budget-Friendly Juicing
  • 10-Page Report - Beginner's Guide to Making Smoothies
  • 10 Autoresponders About Adding Nutrients to Juice & Smoothies

Why You Should Consider a PLR Membership

So why should you join a PLR membership? 

There are 2 main ways to buy Private Label Rights content: you can purchase the packs or reports individually, or you can join a PLR membership.

When you buy the packs individually, you not only need to keep checking back in with the newest packs available, but you also need to decide which PLR seller to go with.

When you choose a PLR membership, your payment goes through automatically since it is a recurring payment, plus you get immediate access to the PLR every month when the content is ready. It really doesn't get any simpler than that!

Here are some benefits of choosing the Natural Healing PLR Membership:

  • The payments are recurring, so you don't have to keep worrying about when to pay for your PLR.
  • You get access to new PLR every month, without having to look around at the packs available from multiple PLR sites.
  • ​The monthly themes with the Natural Healing PLR Club make it easy to choose a topic for each month that you focus on for your blog, opt-in, and autoresponders.
  • You are getting high-quality PLR from a reputable seller.

Natural Health Package Details

Juice & Smoothies - 25 Article Topics

These articles are perfect for using as blog posts, emails, or a combination of both. There are also enough articles for a report or eBook.

  • 1. Beginner's Tips for Juicing (415 words)
  • 2. Why You Should Add Turmeric to Your Juice (403 words)
  • 3. How to Sweeten Your Juice (417 words)
  • 4. 3-Ingredient Juice Recipe Ideas (409 words)
  • 5. Juicing to Help with Your Digestion (426 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. Detoxing with Juice - the Healthy Way (405 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. How to Make a Dairy-Free Smoothie (414 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Juice That Boosts Your Immune System (405 words)
  • arrow-right
    9. The Best Summertime Smoothies (404 words)
  • arrow-right
    10. Summer Superfoods to Add to Your Juice & Smoothies (416 words)
  • arrow-right
    11. Nutrient-Dense Veggies for Your Juice (419 words)
  • arrow-right
    12. Add These Fruits to Your Smoothies (417 words)
  • arrow-right
    13. Ways to Use Avocado in Smoothies (473 words)
  • 14. 4-Ingredient Smoothie Recipe Ideas (409 words)
  • 15. Try These 3 Dessert Smoothie Ideas (446 words)
  • 16. Tips for Storing Your Juice or Smoothies (417 words)
  • 17. How to Plan Ahead for Breakfast Smoothies (411 words)
  • 18. Coffee Smoothies to Make for Breakfast (407 words)
  • arrow-right
    19. How to Include Juice as Part of a Healthy Diet (401 words)
  • arrow-right
    20. Tips for Enjoying Smoothies for Weight Loss (464 words)
  • arrow-right
    21. Instagram-Ready: How to Create Visually Appealing Smoothie Bowls (442 words)
  • arrow-right
    22. All About Acai for Smoothie Bowls (432 words)
  • arrow-right
    23. Juicing the Healthy Way (412 words)
  • arrow-right
    24. Benefits of Adding Chia Seeds to Smoothies (410 words)
  • arrow-right
    25. Tropical Combinations for Juice & Smoothies (422 words)

25 Social Media Graphics

To promote your articles or blog posts, you need graphics! These 25 graphics have been made along with the article topics, which can be edited with Photoshop (PSD files included).

Budget-Friendly Juicing - 5-Page Report

The short report for May is called Budget-Friendly Juicing. It provides tips, tricks, and suggestions for juicing and saving money at the same time.

Budget-Friendly Juicing 

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,664 words

1. CSAs and Farmer’s Markets
2. Growing Your Own Produce
3. Organic Vs. Non-Organic
4. Choosing Your Produce Wisely

Beginner's Guide to Making Smoothies - 10-Page Report

There is also a longer, 10-page report about Beginner's Guide to Making Smoothies. You can sell or give it away to anyone who is interested in making their own smoothies.

Healing with Aromatherapy

10 pages, 4 sections, 3,160 words

1. How to Build a Basic Smoothie
2. Selecting Your Ingredients
3. How to Boost Nutrition
4. Aim for Variety

Adding Nutrients to Juice & Smoothies - 10 Autoresponders

To help promote your juicing & smoothie content, use these 10 autoresponders all about adding more nutrients.  It includes the following topics: 

  • 1. Add Fresh or Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (284 words)
  • 2. Sneak in the Veggies You Don’t Like (243 words)
  • 3. Pour in Some Protein Powder (241 words)
  • 4. Concoct with Coconut Oil (254 words)
  • 5. Treat Yourself to Some Tea (233 words)
  • 6. Spice it Up (248 words)
  • 7. Seed it with Seeds (214 words)
  • 8. Try Superfood Powders (253 words)
  • 9. Add Nut Milk (233 words)
  • 10. Don’t Forget the Herbs (245 words)

FAQs For the Natural Healing Club

1. When will I receive the content each month?

The Natural Healing PLR Club provides content on a monthly basis, delivered to you within the first week of the month.

2. How do I pay for the membership?

To get started with the membership, click Buy Now on either the monthly or annual plan. You will get immediate access to this month's membership content. For the next month, you will be billed automatically for $29 by JVZoo. If you choose the annual option, you will not be billed automatically at the end of the year.

3. Is it possible to cancel the membership if it doesn't work for me?

Absolutely. We don't offer refunds once content is delivered to you, but if you ever decide you want to cancel the PLR membership and not continue with future months, you can do so by emailing me and requesting it, or canceling the auto-approve billing through your Paypal account.

4. What content will you be releasing in the future?

We provide you with 75 new pieces of PLR content each month, following a theme for that month. For example, the theme in November is Winter Beauty, in previous months I have covered detoxing, essential oils, herbs, and lots more. In the future, the themes will be related to natural health, holistic health, and similar topics. It always includes 20 articles, 20 graphics, a short report, long report, and autoresponders.

Get the Natural Healing PLR Club for Just $29 a month. ($60+ value)

Natural Healing PLR Club Membership

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.