My MEGA Chronic Pain Bonus With This Anti-Inflammatory PLR Deal

Get My MEGA Bonus With This Big Anti-Inflammatory PLR Deal

Casey from Alph Media and Tribe Bloom just released a brand new PLR special called Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Chronic Pain, and I am offering up to $80 in bonuses when you use my link.

This PLR special includes the following:

Anti-Inflammatory eBook w/cover and images
eBook Sales Copy
7 Autoresponders
Report – Preventing Arthritis
Report – Healing Fibromyalgia with Essential Oils
Report – 5 Exercises for Easing Chronic Pain
15 Articles
20 Social Media Graphics
5 HD Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Videos

I know.. a crazy amount of content for the price, especially when you add in my bonus ????

But she didn’t stop there. The upgrade also has new PLR content, including more reports, articles, videos, and more.

My Bonuses

If you buy the main offer with my link, you will get a 38-page bonus of chronic pain-related content from my store, including 2 brand new PLR packs and bundles just added to the store. With this bonus, you get:

Arthritis PLR Pack – 10 articles
Herbs for Arthritis PLR Report – 5 pages
NEW Fibromyalgia PLR Pack – 10 articles
NEW Chronic Disorders PLR Report – 8 pages

After buying the main offer, there is an upgrade offer with an even bigger bonus for you. My natural health membership, Natural Healing PLR Club, covered chronic pain in March. I am offering this as a bonus if you buy the upgrade offer. It includes 50 pages and 20 graphics, including:

20 Articles
20 Social Media Graphics
Short Report: Essential Oils for Chronic Pain
Long Report: Food and Dietary Changes for Chronic Pain
10 Autoresponders: Lifestyle Changes for Chronic Pain
5 Product Reviews

This is awesome if you are not currently a member, or you joined after March and want the Chronic Pain content. You can read this blog post for a full list of what is included in the chronic pain bonus.

Click here to check out the Anti-Inflammatory PLR package and take advantage of these bonuses.

The 70-Piece Chronic Pain Bonus

If you want to know details about what was in the March content package about Chronic Pain, this is what you will get when you purchase the upgrade from Casey’s new special with my link:

20 Articles

How Yoga Helps With Chronic Pain (430 words)
Try These Herbs For Your Chronic Pain (403 words)
Healing Crystals That Can Be Beneficial (405 words)
Why You Should Try Aromatherapy (474 words)
Music Therapy and How it Helps With Chronic Pain (401 words)
Massage Styles and Techniques For Pain (420 words)
The Power of Exercise For Chronic Pain (405 words)
Tips For Taking a Healing Bath (431 words)
What is Heat Therapy? (407 words)
The Link Between Pain and Mental Illness (412 words)
Everyday Tips For Coping With Pain (419 words)
Important Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Chronic Pain (433 words)
Vitamins and Minerals to Help With Chronic Pain (412 words)
Try These Healing Teas (408 words)
How to Help Your Pain-Related Insomnia (438 words)
Lifestyle Changes For Managing the Pain (406 words)
Avoid These Pain Flare Triggers (418 words)
Why Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Should Keep a Journal (411 words)
Ways to Distract Yourself From the Pain (408 words)
Spices That Help With Chronic Pain (404 words)

Short Report: Essential Oils for Chronic Pain

5 pages, 10 sections, 2029 words


Long Report: Dietary Changes for Managing Chronic Pain

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,984 words

Basic Diet Tips
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Foods to Avoid
How to Handle Cravings
Diet For Arthritis Pain
Diet For Fibromyalgia
Diet For Crohn’s Disease
Keeping a Food and Pain Journal

Autoresponders: Lifestyle Changes Challenge for Chronic Pain

Start a Journal (268 words)

Create an Anti-Inflammatory Grocery List (257 words)
Do Meal Prepping (319 words)
Practice Breathing Exercises (316 words)
Create a New Workout Routine (267 words)
Try to Reduce Your Stress (265 words)
Aim For Getting Better Sleep (414 words)
Get Some Holistic Help For Your Pain (257 words)
Avoid Smoking and Alcohol (314 words)
Join a Support Group (262 words)

5 Product Reviews

Crystal Healing Balancing Set (434 words)
URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (514 words)
Healing Herbal Teas Paperback (506 words)
Chronic Pain Journal (455 words)
Music Medicine Paperback (470 words)

Let me know if you have any questions!