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You have purchased your new PLR – now what? The first thing you need to do is customize it, sometimes known as rewriting it. Don’t get intimidated, as it isn’t quite as much work as it sounds. You are changing a lot of content or rewriting the entire article, report, or eBook. You are making simple and easy changes to make it unique and still rank with Google and other search engines with your content. The following tips provide a simple rundown of some things you should consider changing to customize the PLR and make it your own. Keep in mind how much you change is entirely up to you.

Change the Title

The first thing you should do when you are customizing your PLR is to change the title. This is one of the best ways to avoid getting dinged by a search engine for having content that is too similar to other content. One of the biggest reasons your content will look similar is when certain specific details of the title are the same, such as having a number in the title. If the original title was “Top 5 Ways to Market Your Blog,” take out the ‘5’ entirely. It will be hard to make the content unique if you leave that in there. Instead, use something like “How to Market Your Blog Effectively” or “Implement These Methods to Market Your Blog”.

Write Different Subheaders

For each subheading or section header, you need to rewrite it completely, similar to changing the title. This should only take a minute or so for each subheading, depending on what it is. You can either make it shorter or longer than the original, or use a different word or phrase. For our ‘Getting Fit at Home’ report, a section title is “Use Household Items to Get Fit”. Using this example, you can change it to “Incorporate These Everyday Items Into Your Fitness Routine.” You have made the section title longer, and changed the wording entirely.

Rewrite the Intro and Conclusion

The parts of your PLR that will be rewritten the most are the introduction and conclusion. The introduction is important to change when customizing your PLR, since some of it shows up in search engine results. A typical introduction is between 50 and 100 words, so rewriting it doesn’t take much time. At the very least, change the first couple sentences in the intro to put the same information in your own words. The same should be done for the conclusion.

Rewrite Small Sections of the Body

In the body of the PLR, it really becomes up to you with how much you want to change. A good way to start is by turning certain content into a slightly different format. Take a numbered list and rewrite the information to fit into a paragraph, or put small paragraphs into a bulleted list. After you have done that, pick out certain sentences that you can easily rewrite and put them in your own words.

With these tips, you will have unique PLR that doesn’t take a lot time to customize, but still provides the same quality information. You can also hire us for PLR rewriting services.



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